Okay, let's get this started. 
First, thank you so much for visiting  and reading my blog.
I start writing since 2008, however I slacked and only treated it as a platform for me to share my little secrets. Well clearly it's not the way that a blog supposed to be for now, right?
I've decided to revive my blog since I get involved into one of the Malaysia's online media firm on 13th May 2013 and I've bought myself a domain page (www.ashleyyeen.com) on 7th June 2013.

Then, I found myself able to write, to spill, and to share, so I'm here.

Take a look on my brief bio. 
Ashley is....
- A Penangite who lives in KL for the 5 years (until Nov 2015). Well I'm back to Penang for good, definitely.
- A Blogger, Columnist, Writer
- A Freelance Make-Up Artist / Beautician / Manicurist
- A Freelance Emcee / Voice-over Talent
- A Freelance Graphic Designer
- Was a Freelance Event Coordinator
- Was a Bartender / Coffee Maker
My varieties of works are not only you've seen above. I've explored different varieties of jobs for the past 10 years...

What is Ashley doing now? Recently I'm now working full-time position building up businesses for my own, bringing in a self-established family-based treatment skin care business named CS12 Professional Skin Care

I'm truly glad that I owned both dream careers as a lifestyle entrepreneur. It's pretty fun to explore. However, I've missed out quality time to explore outside the country. I wish I could have more reasons to travel. Still you may browse more updates on my Instagram as I'll be highly active there.

How people thinks about Ashley?
Couple of close friends always know that I have pretty much gigs and lubang which are quite "beneficial" to them. For those who barely know me will keep asking what I'm doing for living FOR REAL.

Well, I admit myself as a multi-tasker because I tend to milk it everything I've experienced into one single goal - get recognised and achieve success as a businesswoman. Thanks to everything I've got for the past 25 years... 

I'm a very cheerful, bubbly, sociable and outgoing person who loves outdoor activities and experience new things. Need my help? All you have to do is to ASK.

However, I'm not an English-educated student. Please forgive me if there's any grammatical mistakes although I know it's unforgivable. I'm still learning...

What's on my blog?
I write a huge variety of topics but majoring in beauty goods and what-ever things that suits my personal lifestyle. Anyway, I thought it's all about sharing and spreading useful information to readers.

I'm vacant for advertorials and reviews. Click HERE for more details.

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What makes my life easier would be the invention of Instagram (thank you!)  Of course, I've personally added a few personalised hashtag sections for easy reference.

Find my beauty photos and images with #YEENBEAUTE I travel with love and track it with #YEENTRAVELOGUE I indulge varieties of food and you'll know me at #YEENMAKAN I'm a supreme-coffee addict and I hop to numerous coffee spots via #COFFEEYEEN I drink, not drive, and I can tell more via #YEENBOOZE