Laneige The Anti-Pollution Line

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Give your skin a healthy protective barrier against dust particles with
Laneige’s Anti-Pollution Line.

Air pollution is no stranger to the urban environment of Malaysia. Annually, if not daily, Malaysia’s cities choke under the weight of smog and pollutants from carbon emission and industrial waste. Urbanites are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of ultra-fine dust particles in the environment, with clear risks to the respiratory system and skin.

With constant exposure, dust and pollutants in the environment threaten to damage the barrier of our skin by decreasing its immunity against skin toxins and heat. These fine dust and pollutants, which are 20-times smaller than the pores of our skin, makes its way through the stratum layers of the skin, causing allergies, bacterial multiplication and external irritation. Long-term effects also include dermatitis, pigmentation and decrease in skin elasticity. Hence, there exists an increasing need for anti-pollution cosmetics for everyday use that can protect the skin barrier from these harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.

The skin care market is divided into two main product types, products that are designed for use a) before heading out, and b) after coming home, with little consideration for while you’re out and about. Introducing Laneige’s Anti-Pollution line of products that has you covered all day long! Its 3-step care against particulate matter is designed to block, defend and protect your skin against the harsh environment.

Anti-Pollution Defensor SPF 40+ PA++ (50ml, MYR145)
Laneige knows that urbanites live active lifestyles. Hence, the Anti-Pollution Defensor provides an all-round skin protection that is easy to apply before heading out into a busy day. The Anti-Pollution Defensor is designed to be used as a wrap-up to your basic skincare routine, creating a protective barrier that keeps the skin clear and healthy, safe from the harmful effects of a polluted environment.

Equipped with Laneige’s Dust BlockTM Technology, the Anti-Pollution Defensor ensures that your skin remains elastic and clear, without compromising on protection against fine dust and UV rays. This specially formulated defense mechanism prevents dust particles from sticking to the surface of the skin using the concept of magnetic reflection, by reflecting negative ions found on the sum of fine
dusts. With an efficacy as high as 80%, you can be rest assured that skin will remain dust free even while you’re out and about the big city.

In addition, Laneige uses a special blend of organic materials, ensuring that the Anti-Pollution Defensor reinforces the skin barrier in addition to soothing and whitening the skin upon application. A combination of Saururus chinensis extract and green tea extract helps to soothe the skin irritated by dust particles as well as alleviates pigmentation. Ginger oil is used to help strengthen skin barrier by
restoring skin barrier damaged by particulate matter.

Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact SPF 30+ PA+++ (12g, MYR115)
Laneige’s constant endeavor to innovate has resulted in skincare products that are not only for use before or after going out, but while you’re outside, exposed to the elements. Introducing the new Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact, a product designed to be carried around anywhere and used anytime. This smart, protective compact is designed as a daily defense solution to be used as often as necessary.

The Finishing Pact contains the same powerful effects of Anti-Pollution Defensor. The Dust Block TechnologyTM forms a protective coat on the skin surface that naturally reflects dust particles from the skin surface. Its Dust BlockTM and oil control properties ensures that skin is protected against fine dust particles and UV rays, while maintaining a bright outlook that is soft yet fresh.

The Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact comes with Laneige’s Multi-Ball Defending Formula that enables the powder to snugly fit the skin, creating a smooth protective barrier on the skin. The powder is made up of small, protuberant coccoid powder particle of various sizes set closely together, filling up the cracks on the skin’s surface. This builds up an even, smooth coat over the surface of the skin that deters dust particles from settling on the skin surface. This tight protective barrier around the skin also enhances the UV protection of the Finishing Pact.

In addition, the chosen blend of light green and white color for the powder helps brighten and even out dull skin tones with a fresh, soft finish. The pact contains a combination of two powders a) green tea calming powder (green), which helps soothe irritated skin, and b) sebum control powder, which absorbs excess sebum for a fresh, soft finish.

Anti-Pollution Mask (5pcs, MYR90)
After a long day out in harsh environments, treat yourself to skin day once a week with Laneige’s new Anti-Pollution Mask. With just an easy application, this sheet mask acts as a fine dust filter that eliminates wastes in pores and on your skin.

The Anti-Pollution Mask is made up of 3 organic materials that lends itself to the innovate texture of the sheet mask, maximizing adherence to skin and a tightening effect:
Tencel (85%) - An exclusive ingredient with high liquid content that moisturizes and soothes the
skin, giving you a smooth, translucent sensation.
Bamboo Carbon Fiber (10%) - The main component attributed to fine dust filtering. The material’s properties allow it to deeply cleanse pores, removing wastes accumulated on the skin. It also eliminates heavy metals from the surface of the skin, such as lead.
Fine Chitosan Fiber (5%) - This ingredient enables good adherence of the sheet mask to the inside of the skin grain by allowing its contents to be dissolved by the skin’s pH changes, a process known as pH metastasis tightening. As the liquid from the mask gets absorbed, it gives a lifting effect for a refreshing sensation.

The Anti-pollution line will be available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques now.

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