Where to Start When Decorating your New Home

Thursday, December 29, 2016

After browsing through the many new house for sale with various property portal like PropertyGuru, you finally found the right new home for yourself and if you have just signed on the dotted line, congratulations! Gone are the days of living by rental unit where upgrading the house seems like something that is not practical, BUT now, you have a place to make all your own!

Decorating your first new home is one of the few things in life that are daunting and perhaps totally overwhelming. With so many options and so many decisions to make with the end results that might be following you for a few years, it’s certainly hard not to feel overwhelmed. Fear not as this ultimate guide will help you avoid leaving a trail of disappointment for your new house.

Set your preference
Articulating how you want your house to look and feel can be a little difficult especially for someone like us who do not have any prior knowledge in interior design. But lucky for us, there are tons of websites and magazines out as source of inspirations. Do remember to save your favourite ones in your very own idea book.

Don’t break your bank
At this stage, you should have a pretty clear idea on your budget. After all, you have spent quite a significant amount on securing your new abode. Your idea book might be the ultimate guide that will help furnish your new home but you might want to hold your horses on your shopping spree. 

If you can’t afford to decorate the whole place at once, you can always start small by picking the one or two places where you spend most of your time. Prioritisation is the key for not breaking your bank and you will still have at least one finished place to retreat.

Floor plan, colour and lighting
Colours must compliment each other and size must be perfect without the one item overpowering the next. You must also maintain the overall flow of the room, without feeling as if one thing pulls your attention more than the next. These are basic design techniques used to establish a good layout with colours, sizes, and even lighting. Once the balance is obtained, the house will feel complete and pleasant to the eyes of all your guests. 

Now the real work, begins with painting
When you begin your designing, be sure to start with the paint on the walls. Choose the colours you love most, and let the inner artist free. Once you got those walls covered in your favorite colour, you are then able add additional designs to the paint to enhance the uniqueness and add more of yourself to that new home. You can keep the walls a single colour if you desired that over other options. 

Choose the right furniture pieces
This is a toss-up between adding a hardwood, carpeted floor, or simply leaving it as is. If you wish to leave it unchanged, then you can begin adding the amenities such as a throw rug, full living room set, as well as lighting, and decorations. The sky is the limit.

As you search the local stores for the ideal furniture set, you are left with many to choose from. Each set may appear amazing in their own right, but only one compliments your choice of wall colour best. The price for such a set may appear too large to be acceptable, but remember this is your last time to move this furniture. Once you have incorporated your new living room set into that new home, you are able to begin adding the smaller touches. Such as additional lightings, paintings, and wall hangings. 

The final touch
Your job is complete, and you have a home of your own with all the amenities that you wanted most in a home. Designing a home does not have to be difficult. Just remember to start on the walls, and work your way in. Each step beyond the walls should be the larger additions, and gradually becoming smaller.

Wanna get more creative ideas or deco tips? I do have some great article which I think it's pretty helpful if you plan to make a revamp on your small apartment.

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