Bobbi Brown Superblends

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inspired by Bobbi’s holistic, approach to beauty, Bobbi Brown Superblends is a collection of six treatments that target specific complexion concerns to enhance skin’s overall health, instantly and over time. From severe dehydration to irritation and to problem skin, Superblends addresses a range of skin concerns and offers a comprehensive approach to achieving healthy, beautiful skin. An apothecary of skin solutions, Superblends can be used individually or layered with skincare and foundation for fully customized skin solutions.

No. 91 Skin Reviver for Power Greens Ferment
Featuring a powerful proprietary ferment blend, this protective formula helps increase the appearance of skin’s vitality with a surge of antioxidants and essential nutrients, which are typically compromised by free radical damage and environmental aggressors.
Nutrients: Green Algae and potent fermentation made of fresh Kale, Brussels Sprouts, and Spinach, extracted in a hot water mixture to retain antioxidants at optimal concentrations.

No. 86 Skin Moisture Solution for Intense Rehydration Compound
This moisturizing booster provides immediate hydration to parched skin while stimulating skin’s natural moisture levels. As a result, skin looks instantly more radiant with a fresh healthy glow.
Nutrients: A unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and mineral-infused waters nourish skin, increasing the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor.

No. 93 Skin Fortifier for Strength & Recovery Tonic
This smart, composition helps strengthen skin’s structure to prevent future damage from aggressors, while sealing in moisture to aid the natural repair process. Plus, the formula supplements three key lipids in the skin to further strengthen.
Nutrients: A lipid-rich complex made of Raspberry Leaf Wax, Soybean emollients, Muru Muru Butter, and oils to supplement the skin’s natural barrier of Ceramides, Fatty Acids, and Cholesterols—keeping moisture in and toxins out.

No. 80 Skin Soother for Calming Algae Complex
This calming, soothing formula—suitable for sensitive and reactive skin —visibly reduces redness and irritation and relieves stressed skin. As a result, skin is stronger and protected from future flare-ups.
Nutrients: Undiluted Red Algae complex and Seaweed extracts visibly reduce signs of irritation while strengthening the skin.

No. 75 Skin Clarifier for Pore & Oil Control
This detoxifying, non-stripping formula helps to unclog pores and balance oil levels, while strengthening skin and stabilizing cell turnover for a smoother, healthier-looking complexion.
Nutrients: A combination of emollient, non-pore clogging oils (Manuka, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Saw Palmetto) and Salicylic Acid help clarify the pores and increase cell turnover without disrupting the natural balance of skin.

No. 57 Skin Salve for Restoring Treatment
This concentrated balm helps protect and nourish severely irritated, dry, or damaged skin. Skin Salve can be used alone or applied on top of other skincare solutions, including other Superblends, without disrupting their process. Use at night for optimal healing.
Nutrients: A wholesome combination of Shea Butter, Beeswax, Turmeric extract, and Licorice extract act as a breathable “skin bandage” to protect, soften, and restore.

How to Use: Apply 2-3 drops two times per day on clean skin. Layering different Superblends or spot-treating problem areas is also encouraged. No. 57 is best applied where needed as the last step in the skincare routine.

Potent Superblends. Targeted Treatments. Real Results. 
Superblends are now available at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Counters. Each bottle retails at MYR178.

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