SK-II’s Best Gift for you this Christmas

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Did you know that every gift we receive for a Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day – whether cheap or expensive – bears an unspoken meaning? For example, a letter says “I am missing you” and a perfume says “Remember me always”.

Well, a gift of SK-II for Christmas promises the recipient #crystalclearskin. Every drop is miraculous and precious; every drop harnesses the power to transform skin.
This is SK-II’s BEST GIFT to you and your loved ones.

SK-II Crystal Clear Skin Set (RM620)
Facial Treatment Essence, 230ml
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, 230ml
Containing over 90% Pitera™, the signature ingredient in all SK-II products, the Facial Treatment Essence is essential to any skincare regimen, especially over this holiday season, for beautiful, crystal clear skin throughout the year-end festivities and into the new year. The art of Suminagashi was chosen for its powerful philosophy which states that there is no wrong drop; each dot and swirl come together to create a unique art piece.

The Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is an effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera™ exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. Its clarifying formula prepares the face for the rest of your skincare regimen.

SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Essence (RM606, 50ml)
Immediately upon application, each anti-aging drop fills the gaps in skin, making it firm, resilient, and feeling plump. Skin becomes smooth and tinged with a fresh morning glow the next day. 

SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age (RM373, 50grams)
In just one day, this moisturizing cream provides firmness from every angle. In ten days, signs of aging skin diminish so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar, fine lines appear less defined. Use in tandem with the essence (above) to get the full effect of PITERA™ and Radical New Age Complex.

Season’s Greetings from SK-II Malaysia!

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Thank you.


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