Laneige Milky Way Fantasy Holiday Collection 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

With the festive season around the corner, Laneige will be launching this year’s anticipated Holiday Collection, in a galaxy-inspired Milky Way Fantasy design. The Holiday Collection’s Limited Edition packaging features an enchanting, new design on a selection of Laneige’s best-selling products.
Inspired by the twinkling stars up in the night sky and the mesmerising colours of the Milky Way, the Laneige Holiday Collection celebrates the excitement of the magical moments you and your loved ones shared throughout the year.

The new Laneige Milky Way Fantasy Collection is perfect as a stand-alone gift for your loved ones or as a special treat for yourself this festive season. With its design that captures the Milky Way full of stars and sparkling dot motif, this limited edition collection is sure to be a favourite for holiday shoppers. The harmony of ultraviolet hues and sparkles of the Milky Way Fantasy design truly brings the beauty of a starry night and the marvellous colours of an aurora to life.
The Laneige Holiday Collection is an exclusive design available only for selected skin care and make-up products. The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Basic Moisture Set, and BB Cushion_Whitening will all be available in the limited edition Holiday Collection Milky Way Fantasy design.

The New Limited Edition Milky Way Fantasy Collection will also launch two new dazzling shades of the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar and Two Tone Shadow Bar. The Milky Way Fantasy designed embodies the mystique of the night sky through:

The Holiday Collection BB Cushion Whitening 15g (MYR110) incorporates the Milky Way Fantasy with a new BB Cushion container, and with the Milky Way Fantasy graphic to the box, available in #13 Ivory, #21 Beige and #23 Sand.

The marbling on the Two Tone Lip Bar (MYR75) embodies the twinkling Milky Way stretching across the night sky! The new design sees an application of ‘pink gradation on silver’ to the existing Two Tone Lip Bar container and Milky Way Fantasy graphic to the box. Just like the rich colors that gives the Milky Way its alluring based tones, the new Two Tone Lip Bar in Bloody Dress and Mystic Rose will surely provide your lips with a boost of color that is out of this world.

The Holiday Collection Two Tone Shadow Bar (MYR110) captures the deep, mysterious holiday eye look with its two new colors of Milkyway Burgundy and Smoky Dust, perfect for both day and night look. With its ‘pink gradation on silver’ with the Milky Way Fantasy graphic to the box the new designed Two Tone Shadow Bar is sure to be a statement gift.

Foresee staying up for night-long parties and festive gatherings that might leave you little time for sleep? With the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (MYR130) you won’t have to worry about your skin looking tired as the all-in-one mask will provide intense hydration, vitality and brightening that restores your skin better than a good night sleep. Ensure a deeper good night’s sleep this holiday season with the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

As the perfect gift combination, Laneige also came up with 8 Holiday sets that are made up of makeup and skincare essentials that will truly turn your holiday fantasy into a reality. The Limited Edition Milky Way Fantasy BB Cushion Whitening and Water Sleeping Mask will also be featured in some of the Holiday sets.

1. Fantasy Basic Duo Set (MYR245)
This is the perfect starter set for those who wish to ensure that their skin is perfectly hydrated and moisturized during the hectic holiday season. Specially packed in the new Milky Way Fantasy Collection design, it comes with the Essential Power Skin Refiner that is a refreshing-type toner that tidies up shiny skin by effectively providing moisture. The Balancing Emulsion_Moisture helps purifies the skin from dried keratin for radiance and provides hydro balancing for soft and clear skin. The set also contains the Water Bank Essence that is a highly moisturizing emulsion restores moisture balance in rough skin caused by extreme dryness.
- Essential Power Skin Refiner Mositure, 200ml
- Essential Balancing Emulsion, 120ml
- Water Bank Essence, 10ml
- Water Bank Moisture Cream, 10ml
- Water Sleeping Mask, 15ml

2. Fantasy Water Holiday Set (MYR290)
Foresee staying up for night-long festivities this holiday that might leave you little time for your beauty sleep? The Laneige Water Bank Essence and Gel Cream helps strengthen and retains moisture up to 24 hours; while the Water Sleeping Mask infused with skin- perfecting Hydro Ionized Mine gives the skin a lively, well-rested appearance the next morning thanks to its Sleep-toxTM purifying effect. Enter a deeper sleep for longer period of time this holiday season with this set.
- Water Bank Essence, 60ml
- Water Bank Gel Cream, 50ml
- Water Sleeping Mask 15ml (x3)
- Water Bank Eye Gel, 3ml
- White Shimmer Pouch

3. The ‘Mask’ Have Holiday Set (MYR190)
Feel the need to fully pamper your skin with some of Lineage’s best face masks? Well then, look no further than the ‘Mask’ Have Holiday Set! Complete with three (3) different types of masks that caters to a variety of skin types, an All Day Anti Pollution Defensor, the Water Bank Essence_EX and a Cool Eye Pack; this truly for the perfect gift for your skin.
- Holiday Water Sleeping Mask, 100ml
- Lip Sleeping Mask, 20ml
- Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, 10ml
- All Day Anti Pollution Defensor, 10ml
- Water Bank Essence_EX, 10ml
- Cooling Eye Pack

4. Bright and Clear Holiday Set (MYR280)
Rejuvenate your skin with all the essential properties that comes in the Bright and Clear Holiday set. The Clear C Advanced Effector with Superberry extract makes skin looking clearer and smoother by illuminating the skin from within with the vital energy of Vitamin C. The set also comes with the White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, a travel ready sleep-in facial pack that gives the complexion a brighter and clearer skin appearance the next morning.
- Clear C Advanced Effector, 150ml (x2)
- White Plus Renew Original Essence, 7ml
- White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, 3g (x2)
- Oil-Free Cleansing Liquid, 25ml
- White Shimmer Pouch

5. Snowflake Holiday Set (MYR290)
Need a skincare routine that helps the skin from whiten with radiance? Try the Snowflake Holiday set. The White Plus Renew Skin Refiner is a milky skin toner that's quickly absorbed by skin, leaving it soft and looking bright. The set also comes with the White Plus Renew Original Essence that is specifically formulated for Asian skin as it intensively reduces redness, yellowness and dullness as it stimulating cells to decompose melanin.
- White Plus Renew Original Essence, 40ml
- White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, 120ml
- White Plus Renew Emulsion AD, 25ml
- White Plus Renew Eye Cream, 3ml
- White Plus Renew Original Cream AD, 20ml
- Blue Shimmer Pouch

6. Fantasy Beauty Essentials Set (MYR150)
Get the perfect holiday season look with the Laneige Fantasy Beauty Essentials Set. This must have set contains some of Laneige most staple make-up pieces like the Limited Edition Holiday BB Cushion, any lipsticks worth RM75 and a full make-up brush set that makes the perfect self-wrapped gift for your loved ones.
- Holiday BB Cushion, 15g
- Any Lipsticks worth RM75 (not limited edition)
- Makeup Brush Set

7. The Perfect Holiday Set (MYR200)
Give your skin a boost of revitalization its needs with the Perfect Holiday Set; a set that effectively help rejuvenates and smoothens skin for a youthful glow. The set comes with the Perfect Renew Skin Refiner EX, the start of the Perfect Renew range. A gel-type skin refiner that contains extracts of Lycopen that helps increase skin elasticity and smoothness. The set also contains the Perfect Renew Regenerating Mask, a bio-cellulose mask enriched with the Skin RebirthTM’s main ingredient, resulting in a younger looking skin.
- Perfect Renew Regenerator, 40ml
- Perfect Renew Skin Refiner_EX, 15ml
- Perfect Renew Emulsion_EX, 15ml
- Perfect Renew Cream_EX, 10ml
- Perfect Renew Regenerating Mask, 1s
- Blue Shimmer Pouch

8. The Homme Fantasy Set (MYR170)
Don’t think we missed out the gents this holiday season, the Homme Fantasy Set comes with the perfect essentials for the man on-the-go. The set contains the Homme Homme Dual Action Lotion that functions to brighten skin tone and cultivate a solid skin texture while minimizing and caring for pores at the same time. Travelling with your man this Christmas? The Homme Dual Action Trial Kit will fit perfectly in his suitcase and his skincare routine.
- Homme Dual Action Lotion, 40ml
- Homme Dual Action Cleanser, 150ml
- Homme Dual Action Toner, 25ml
- Homme Dual Action Lotion, 5ml
- Water Sleeping Mask, 15ml
- Homme Pouch

The LANEIGE Holiday Limited Edition sets will be available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques from November 2016.

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