diptyque La Collection 34

Monday, October 10, 2016

We may consider them inanimate, but some objects are truly full of life! Inhabited, even, and nourished by the creative energy of the craftsmen who create them. Simply by touching, you can feel the palm of the potter’s hand that polished, the breath of the glass blower or the illustrator’s pen scratching across the paper. diptyque has always fostered a passion for objects with a soul. As soon as the first store opened at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, the founders – Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant – displayed their surprising finds side by side with their original upholstery fabrics. Italian glass bead necklaces, hand-sewn change purses, potpourris blended according to the owners’ changing inspirations...

A bazaar in the noblest sense – where everyone is welcome to hunt amidst an emotional kaleidoscope beyond compare.

In keeping with this distinct mindset, diptyque has reunited with the delightfully unexpected since 2014 through a collection of Limited Edition objects and fragrances. Contemporary poetry, written from one dream-making encounter to the next. And again, this year, diptyque is enchanting the world’s day-to-day with creations that are as clearly in sync with the times as they are deeply linked to days gone by. Each in its own way, connects us to the timeless beauty of craftsmanship passed down from one generation to the next.

Grasse in May
Every year since the launch of Collection 34, diptyque has chosen an exceptional harvest to which it has dedicated a specific fragrance. In 2016, the winner is a field of may roses in Grasse which inspired the perfumer fabrice Pellegrin to create this new Essences Insensées. the airy centifolia, cabbage rose from Provence has become a rare treasure on the riviera. no other variety can compare. the climate protected from the wind, the moisture descending from the nearby mountains to quench the land’s thirst, and the iconic southern sun, all team up to create its incomparably delicate fragrance. for this particular scent, fabrice Pellegrin focused on a single aspect of this remarkable rose: its concrete, a concentrate destined to become an absolute that resembles thick wax. It is obtained after the initial extraction from the fresh-picked petals. on the skin, the 2016 Essences Insensées proves to be rather addictive and balm-like, with honey and red fruit accents.

Available in a solid version, nestled in a black case, this exquisite rose is also presented in an unusual glass bottle developed by Waltersperger, a 100-year-old firm specialized in creating high-end perfume, wine and spirits bottles for top-name luxury brands. Waltersperger, france’s last semi-automated glass master, developed this geometric onyx bottle to resemble a fine-cut precious gem.

the Essences Insensées 2016 bottled perfume as well as the solid version are wrapped in paper illustrated by Jeanne Detallante. Known for her distinct work with color and drawing for fashion, children’s books and the press, this young artist invented a pattern that brings to mind the irresistible scent of this remarkable rose.

La Madeleine
Mouthwatering Magic
Ahh, if the walls could talk – they’d have amazingtales to share! And when Product Developmentmanager, Myriam Badault, discovered that the
 diptyque founders’ home in normandy, aptly dubbed“Les Lilas”, was previously the post office where marcelProust used to send his mail, a brilliant idea dawned on her. Infact, it was more of a scent that came to her, one with universalappeal. that of a delicious madeleine, refreshingly lemony and comfortingly fluffy inside, like the one described by marcel Proust inSwann's way, volume one of his literary masterpiece, Remembrance of thingspast. So she asked the perfumer fabrice Pellegrin to create a scented wax that would make connoisseurs’ mouths water. She told him about the famous Dax madeleines made by the Cazelle bakery, founded in 1906. A simple sponge cake that’s so irresistible even the raw, melted butter dough gets your taste buds dancing. no one knows how many madeleines were savored in order to perfect the formula for this one-of-a-kind candle that has now been ushered into the incomparable Collection 34.

And its porcelain holder was the expert work of the NG Oficina de Porcelanas in Portugal – craftsmen whose business is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016 and countless years of collaboration with many different museums. Collaborators in the creation of the Collection 34 since 2011, here they’ve signed a holder that combines the chalky, almost gritty texture of earthenware, with the smoothness of the black enamel that surrounds the edge. A masterfully crafted object that begs to be held in the hand.

diptyque La Collection 34 is now available in diptyque store Pavilion KL

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