My 5 Spots in Sunway Lagoon

Friday, May 27, 2016

Well, there's nothing much to be strange of if you're a Malaysian as Sunway Lagoon is such an iconic waterpark family recreational hangout spots for us!

Thanks to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia, in conjunction with their latest addition of Nickelodeon Theme Park, I'm here to tell you my five favourite stations which I must go while visiting Sunway Lagoon.

1. Vuvuzela
Dive into the belly of the beast — Launch from a tower 11 storeys high, plunge through turbulent water like the rapids with twists and turns then plummet into the world’s largest funnel where you’ll be gobbled up by the beast that is the Vuvuzela. Behold the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride!

2. Congo Challenge
It's always nice to flow our heads down at first and slide down.. racing with friends and have fun!

3. Nickelodeon - Kubarango
Experience the KUBARANGO where you will be unleashed into a steep drop before it takes you up on a near vertical experience for a moment of weightlessness and backwards into a reversed free-fall before returning you with a splash!
In fact, not as terror as I thought... Me likey, and I played a couple of times!

4. Nickelodeon - Monsoon 360
No joke! Facing forward, arms crossed, wait in anticipation for the trap door to open below you that will take on a journey into an intense vertical free fall. Challenge each other to a thrilling race reaching speeds of up to 60 kph or 0-2.5 g in under 2 seconds that will leave you breathless.
Seriously, VERTICAL FREE FALL that suddenly leave your leg empty and fall, my heartbeat stops for a second.

5. Nickelodeon - Spongebob Splash Adventure
Get ready for the rise of a Slime powered civilization and join in the celebration for the ultimate honor of a ‘Great Slime Deluge’. Turn green for the day and enjoy the free-spirited mess with full of smiles and laughter, but be safe and responsible!
Like kids, we're waiting for huge bucket of water to splash down... Nice! 

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