Moist Diane EXTRA Shine

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Duh… Can’t believe that I still have frizzy hair although I’m washing it every day, literally. To be honest with you, I’m using two shampoos at once: Scalp shampoo for scalp area, conditioning shampoo for hair to avoid split ends. I also do enjoy visiting hair salons, letting shampoo girls to wash and massage my hair. What a splurge.

HOWEVER, I have a serious condition, what if I totally have no time washing my hair with two shampoos? And here goes my hair, I'll become a frizzy lioness for the rest of the day. Well, I really need to fix this, and at the same time, to keep my hair scalp fresh and not easy getting oily.

What makes me keep searching for good hair care products as technology nowadays are transforming and improving better and better – for a better hair protection. When I came through Moist Diane EXTRA Shine Range, I guess it works on my frizzy hair and split ends.

Moist Diane EXTRA Shine Range is ideal for people who concern about their frizzy, unruly and dull hair, as it has very luxurious platinum fiber to repair damaged hair texture, enhance hair radiance while restoring brightness and shine in hair.

Firstly, I thought it might not be suitable for my oily scalp, but this proves me wrong. The shampoo formed in a clear transparent gel-typed shampoo and it feels gentle to my oily scalp and leaves my scalp refreshed and clean. Followed by their conditioner and I actually doubled up with the hair mask (we’ll see how it goes). I was bloomed with fresh + fruity + floral scent during my entire shampoo-ing routine.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel sticky and uneasy feelings on my scalp at all; followed by leaving my hair less frizzy in just ONE WASH, yes, ONE WASH ONLY. It is pretty impressive to have such result for products with reasonable price. How can I tell? Why not we just look at both pictures below.

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