i1holiday Ad Campaign x X-Men Premiere at GSC Gurney

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Been venturing into travel locally and internationally quite often these days as I’m expanding my own business. Couple of meetings and accommodation stays will be part of the cost that I must to concern.

The thing is, I’m able to compare flight tickets in one site destination but hotels? I have to find them site by site like Expedia, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Booking.com an etc… For now, someone heard me! i1holiday.com gathers them all.

i1holiday.com holds over 750k+ properties worldwide that offers amazing deals on accommodations with no booking fees required. i1holiday.com is a Global Hotel Booking Comparison website which is currently managed and develop by World Cloud Ventures Sdn Bhd, which has over a decade of in-field expertise specialized in digital networking, website development and mobile app creations.

In conjunction with my all-time Marvel Movies X-Men: Apocalypse premiere, i1holiday.com took the opportunities to launch their first ever cinema advertisement campaign in GSC Cinema, Gurney Plaza. I1holiday.com was sweet enough to get involved into CSR campaign by inviting 22 orphans from one of the orphanage in Penang to join the premiere too.

i1holiday.com is set to be the world’s largest hotel comparison site and we will be looking forward to merge the flight tickets and more local and international hotel booking agencies in no time,” said Darren Tan, Managing Director and Founder of World Cloud Ventures Sdn Bhd.

Thank you so much for inviting me as part of the event and to all the X-Men fans, no worries as there’s no possible spoiler alert. XD

Start finding your most preferred accommodations and spend wiser with i1holiday.com! Check their cute video ad below:

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