By Terry: Sun Cruise

Monday, May 23, 2016

Steer towards the sun, azure reflections, aztec flamboyance, radiant light...  navigate to summer, Terry de Gunzburg’s tropical zig-zag will sway you with delight!

Matte-silky bronzing tones, a flash of blush for lavish radiance and filters of enhancing light.
All embodied to form sun-kissed strobing, as made by Terry. Focus on eyes, playing with waterproof flashy, slender, strict or exuberant eyeliner. The smile swoons in vitamin-rich pink and apricot, to swim or dance all summer long.

Terrybly Densiliss® Sun Glow
This is the first global anti-ageing bronzer, which blurs imperfections, corrects and smoothes
for a superbly splendid summer tan. Makeup virtuoso that achieves all! Sheer-tinted like a BB cream, correcting like a foundation, with the enhancement of a highlighter and the in-depth treatment of a serum. It smoothes, firms, blurs imperfections and revives the complexion in a velvety veil. 5 lifting and sublime results in just one rejuvenating fluid!

The exclusive Densiliss® Technology, founded on the global anti-ageing properties of Mimetic Factor, is enriched with Soft Focus Sun Glow micro-prisms and superfine encapsulated pigments, which capture a new solar light. The fluid satin texture merges with the skin in an auto-adaptable shade. The bronzed dispenser delivers the perfect quantity of tinted treatment to ensure an application that is both impeccable and professional, optimised using the Pinceau Teint – Précision 6 brush. It is the ideal format to take wherever summer beauty is a must. Contents 30ml.

Sun Fair: first ray of sun for light skin tones, providing a sun-kissed glow all year round.
Sun Nude: naturally golden to mimic the ultimate bare complexion.
Sun Bronze: intensely bronzed, absolutely sublime on caramel skin tones.

Sun Designer Palette
BY TERRY creates two harmonies through a sunlit pattern of brilliant colors, offering multiple makeup sun kissed effects. Amber prisms, matte and shimmer pigments, superfine powders melt onto the skin, to be applied with a brush, your fingers or a sponge. Their silky tender texture is derived and enriched from the transformation of a liquid formula to a "soft cushion" powder. They smooth, correct and sculpt the contours by brightening and accentuating tanned skin without a trace. Bronzer, blusher and highlighter alike, these six extra-radiant shades mix, blend and layer all together for both light and bronzed skin tones.

Luxuriously protected in a velvet sleeve, the zig-zag print of lacquered white and metallic
copper inscribe the deep purple case. Inside, shades are revealed as the ultimate artistic
design for superbly sunny treasure hunts.

Tan & Flash Cruise: raise the cheekbones in "pink punchy" and "joyful coral" or audacious "beach bomb" shades. These cheerful blushers unite summer powders to play the part in Ibiza, St Barths and beyond.
Light & Tan Vibes: silky strobing for a satin complexion, variations of highlighting combined with spontaneous shimmers of rosy-apricot-golden hues to flatter all facial forms. From Monaco to São Paulo, this is summer sophistication.

Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner
One trace of LINE DESIGNER...and the eyes will reveal true expression.
EXTREME precision, hold and colour intensity, it highlights the eyes and defines the lids in a single slender or bold stroke. Matte or iridescent, natural or wild... only your creativity sets the limit! Thanks to the agile slender foam tip, we are free to force the line where the tones and reflections can be equally layered for your bespoke look.

5 metallic shades in groundswell
Black Ink: pirate black.
Brown Glaze: shimmering bronze, embellished golden brown, splendidly precious.
Purple Fine: indigo ink, ultra-violet flamboyance. 
Blue Fix: a navy-blue wave, corsair blue, all the ocean’s mysteries.
Ocean Vibes: far away horizons, turquoise lagoon, the ultra-marine blue sky

Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge
Lips are plumped like water flowers, a radiant tropical fruit sparkle... HYALURONIC SHEER ROUGE is fabulously fondant, a true aqua balm delight. Wealthy in hyaluronic acid, it boosts volume, provides premium hydration and fills in wrinklesand fine lines. A "sexy-glossy" stick for all occasions.
16 Rose Boom Boom: heart beating, flirtacious flutters.
17 Zest Shot: vitamin-infused cocktail, absolute orange, tonic buzz.
18 Pink Up: raise the rose high for hot "baby pink".

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