innisfree Orchid Beauty Affair

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Still remembered how I spent my leap day with my beloved Korean brand innisfree cause I drove all the way down from Penang for such lovely afternoon time =)

Its mild, pleasant fragrance and its antioxidant qualities make it a sought after flower for those in pursuit of youthful glowing skin; yet it can only be found in the wild lands where its minuscule seed is almost invisible to the human eye.

The story of the Jeju Orchid is one of resilience and vitality. The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid is the most highly coverted of ornamental plants. It represents love, luxury, beauty, and strength. In ancient Greek mythology, orchids were associated with virility. Today, only a handful of people know how to harness the true wonders of orchids as a beauty elixir. It is also of beauty that endured despite hard times, where we see that although youth and beauty are fleeting, it doesn't mean that they cannot last: one only has to start early whilst one is still young.

Through years of research and development, innisfree has successfully extracted the essence of the Jeju Orchid, processing it into Orchid Elixir™. As an excellent antioxidant, the Orchid Elixir™, obtained through a hot water extraction process, works together with functional skin-activating ingredients to rejuvenate tired, aging skin to restore its natural self-defense power. This results in healthy skin with a radiant glow.

Jeju Orchid Line comes with dual-purpose products to help achieve anti-wrinkle and whitening effects.

Orchid Skin
A refreshing toner with fine gel texture infused with Gel Network Technology that helps to retain moisture in the skin right after cleansing.

Orchid Enriched Essence
A blend of natural lifting ingredients extracted from oatmeal and Orchid ElixirTM to immediately firm and lift the skin as well as keep it supple for a radiant glow.

Orchid Lotion
A smooth lotion with melt-in texture from coconut oil for further skin nourishment and resilience, serving a dual purpose of anti-wrinkle and whitening.

Orchid Gel Cream
A refreshing cream with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and Lecithin with semi-shape memory gel texture specially created for normal and oily skin.

Orchid Enriched Cream
A rich and moist essence-like cream with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and green pea extract to nourish and firm up skin. Perfect for normal and dry skin.

Orchid Intense Cream
A potent cream with Jojoba Ester on top of Jeju Orchid Extract and Jeju Green Complex to smoothen out the skin texture whilst boosting the skin’s natural barrier especially for those with especially dry skin.

Orchid Eye Cream
An infusion of Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and caffeine that treats the sensitive skin area around the eyes.

Orchid Massage Cream
A balm-like textured cream with a mixture of Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and meadow foam seed oil that relaxes the skin and improves blood circulation with massaging.   

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Not to forget how lovely their deco's for the venue, and we always bring home with full of goodies and activities!

innisfree stores are located at:
·     >> Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone)
·     >> Paradigm Mall, Lot UG-11
·     >> Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Lot 4.02.02

For updates and more information on innisfree, keep a lookout for their Facebook [innisfreeMYS] and Instagram [innisfreeofficial].

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