A note to all my readers

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sincerely apologies to all my beloved readers for being disappear for months. Do allow me to share some updates...

If you're following my Instagram closely, I've decided to move back to my hometown Penang for good last December. Believe me, everything really goes well. Doesn't much related to blogging life but I'll try to get back to my blogging schedule ASAP. I guess I've made a few of my readers down... 

What I'm doing? Trying hard to converting as a retailer / school drop-outs / employee to a business entrepreneur. It's ain't easy to keep up the pace of being well lived (I'm not young tho and I've yet to reach my desired life goals).

One more thing, about the "man". Both of us had made a tough decision not to be together after all as we found there's different perception and life goals that set earlier was getting farer and farer... Doesn't mean that we had a bad arguments or complaining each others (rumours are rumours). We separated for our own good.

So, life in 2016, I'm pretty sure will be better!

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