Man vs. Child Chef Showdown!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Do you think young talented kids like Masterchef’s Juniors are compatible with the professionals? There’s a new cooking competition series featuring pint-sized prodigies taking on culinary veterans. Following its successful U.S. debut and launch in other world markets, Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown!

The show pits some of America’s most talented young chefs against the very people they look up to – professionally-trained adult chefs, most of whom have been cooking longer than their challengers have been alive. 

Hosted by chef and television personality Adam Gertler, the 13-episode series follows a team of five up-and-coming child cooking wunderkinds – Estie (8), Dylan (11), Emmalee (12), Cloyce (13) and Holden (14) – who face off against a different executive-level chef each week for bragging rights.

Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown is an A+E Networks® original format and we personally think it will really resonate with the audiences in Asia. Child prodigies and cooking competition shows have already proven their popularity on Lifetime and this show has both of those ingredients (pun intended)! It’s wholesome entertainment for the entire family in a region where people are passionate about their food. ‘#JustAKid’ campaign will be launched in celebration of children on Lifetime. Do check it out! 

Will raw talent and imagination prove to be enough to trump years of training and decades of experience? Find out and tune in every Tuesday at 7pm (with a prime time repeat at 10pm) on Astro Channel 709 to watch these talented minors square off with their more experienced opponents and witness a culinary revolution in the making.

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