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Monday, November 02, 2015

It's been a while I didn't do any reviews on supplements as I'm not that kind of person that simply consume without a proper research. However something bothers me thesedays. My arms pop up rashes and it's irritating enough until I'm not dare to wear any sleeveless shirts or dresses to flaunt myself. Probably there's some kind of solution to help from the inside while just rely on changing body shampoo?

I was introduced to take this Miracol9 by CellLabs. This is the 1st in the market with 3 distinctive keys of anti-aging formula – Placenta extract + Stem Cells + Collagen, with the addition of 4 world’s most powerful antioxidants (Algae Astaxanthin, Tomato Lycopene, Olive Hydroxytyrosol, Pine Oligomeric Proanthrocyanidin (OPC). Miracol9 is a unique blend of beauty functional drink which off users protection to cells – the building blocks of life. Stressful daily life, low intake of micronutrients such as vitamins B12, B6, C, E, folate, niacin, iron or zinc and exposure to ultra violet light, are few of the many damaging factors to our cells.

Researchers found out that cells damage is the primary cause of aging and the development of diseases. In human, it is estimated that 50-70 billion of cells die each day. Cells damage is the major problem leading to skin aging. Throughout aging, outer layer of the skin (epidermis) becomes thinner, the age spot increases in size; less oil produced from sebum glands situated at the inner layer of the skin (dermis), resulting in dryness and itchiness. Fibroblast and elastin become less active, leading to sagging and wrinkles, whereas blood vessels at dermis layer become fragile, causing bruising and bleeding under the skin.

Indeed, the Skin is our largest organ and is a primary visual indicator of everyday health. How young you look is determined by your skin condition.

Ashley's thoughts:
Honestly, it tastes good as I love something citrusy and there's no odd smell, pretty easy to be consumed, just it left some sourly taste at the end. Simply mix 1 sachet of Miracol9 everyday with room temperature water or juices before breakfast.

Not only changing my body shampoo, I changed my bed + bedsheets plus consuming Miracol9 for a month; my rashes was fading off and my arms won't get itchy anymore. It is truly something great to see the results in just a month! 
There's not much significant result in other parts of my body as rashes is my main concern, perhaps I should take more boxes. Thank you Miracol9 and CellLabs!

For more information: www.cellLabs2u.com

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