Madame Waffle @ Mid Valley Megamall

Saturday, November 07, 2015

"Waffles + Coffee = Lovely"

Had my first visit to Madame Waffle in Mid Valley Megamall before movie with my babe. Honestly I was kinda late there buy Aunty Lilly and her family are waiting for me... *touched.

Japanese inspired artisan liège waffles are truly a trendy snacks in town these days, so am I. People are no longer rely on it's sumptuous dessert, but also presentation and creativity.

It's all started by the founder who loves eating waffles at her young age, and she's totally amazed with Japanese-made liège waffles which stood out from others. So, that's how Madame Waffle came from =)

Owning a total of four outlets in Klang Valley, Madame Waffle gives eight flavours of waffles as base and some premium waffles that are totally a splurge for the ladies! Also, fell free to customise your own waffles in just three simple steps!

Some pictures credited to Aunty Lilly from

IG: @madame_waffle

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