Tip: Best Beauty Hacks A Women Should Know

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Women and make up can never be separated but there are a few tricks that will help along the way. However, if you realise that you have a few problems when applying your make up such as your makeup gets smudged easily or runs down when you are sweating, there are some beauty hacks that will definitely solve your makeup issues.

The first beauty hack is to always do your eye makeup before applying any foundation on. Yes, it is true that foundation helps your make up stay in place but wiping your eye makeup on every time you make a mistake, you will end up messing your foundation layer too. Eyes must come first from eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows for the complete pretty eye makeup touch.

Okay, for the ladies who are not happy with size of your nose and want to enhance it for a perfect look, you can always use the makeup trick of contouring the sides of it. It works like a magic. The tip to do it is to use a contour colour a bit darker than your skin tone and line it along the side of your nose. Just in case you do not have a contouring stick in hand, eyeshadows can also act as the perfect substitute.

Another beauty hack is for women who want to get the cat-eye look with balance. The trick is to use a tape to make the eyeliner application easier. Every woman knows that creating the perfect wing for your cat-eye look is quite difficult. By placing a piece of tape on the outer corner of your eyes, apply the eyeliner to easily create a sharp edge. Let it dry and strip off the tape. You will absolutely feel satisfied with how it turns out.

Gives you a superb result that people might though of you're not applying any make-ups and own a flawless look! After you're done with your moisturiser before make-up, mix and blend adequate amount of your hydrating / lifting serums with tinted sun cream / foundation onto your palms and let the magic begins. Fast absorption could helps to achieve a perfect finish!

These are my beauty hacks, whats yours?

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