ASUS Lolliflash: Lightweighted Dual-Color LED Flash

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Wondering you'll get some "mobile flash" when you do selfies? Feeling helpless if there's no friend can offer an extra hands to switch on the flashlights on their phones?

In fact I received this and posed on my Instagram months ago and it's I've been loving it so so much! Too bad there's really no one that can help take some real life photos while I'm using it ;(

 Lolliflash has its own built-in battery and you can slot into headphone sockets, with only 8gm by itself, there's definitely no issue that you'll complain it's heavy. Plus, it's perfect for any angles as you can spin all 360 degrees to find your perfect lighting, no matter you need it as a key light or main light or background light!

What's more? The dual-color LED flash improves the quality of low-light photos and videos dramatically. The combination of 2700K and 5000K color temperature LEDs reveals the true colours and skin tones, so the images and selfies you capture more closely resemble that what you see with your own eyes!

Giving users THREE different brightness setting and THREE filters (vivid red, calm blue and bright yellow), the internal battery keeps it illuminated for up to THREE hours. I guess it's pretty enough to feed yourself loads of photos right?

Price? it's only MYR49 and you can get them in ASUS stores or ASUS Webstore!

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