M.A.C Giambattista Valli Collection

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Please, I was attracted by it’s striking monotone lipstick packaging – it’s the M.A.C's latest collaboration with Italian designer Giambattista Valli.

Hitting the web couple months ago and I’ve went gaga for its bold imagery, timeless colours and beautiful packaging; and now they’re here online and stores.

Fashion designer Giambattista Valli brings his effortless elegance and luxurious celebration of the female form to a stunning collection of timeless matte-coloured lipsticks.

Well, looking at each and every lipsticks, they come encased in packaging that perfectly matches the lipstick shade, such that the case seems almost superfluous. The colour-matched tubes also mean that you can easily identify the shade inside — no more opening and closing lippies or rummaging through your purse.

Well, it’s just 5 shades though, pretty recognisable and iconic. I only have Tate and Charlotte with me. I was wondering if there’s more to come…

Ranging from light to dark. Pick from Bianca B, a pale, white-pink as worn on the campaign model or Eugenie, a super-dark cherry with blue undertones. All of the five lipsticks come in Fall's must-have finish — matte — making them parodoxically very now, but also very 90s. Retails at MYR87 (inclusive of GST 6%).

Bianca B - pale white-pink
Tats - bright hot pink
Margherita - yellow bright peach
Charlotte - rich yellow-red
Eugenie - dark cherry with blue undertone


Lena - clear with subtle multicoloured

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