Heineken presents #ImagineKL

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Heineken unveiled its latest campaign “Imagine” aimed to evoke discovery of the brand and denoting the brand’s iconicity. Consumers were treated to a creative showcase as Heineken, the world’s no.1 international premium beer, collaborated with a heady mix of creative visionaries and transformed the brick-and-steel interior of Slate @ The Row into an intuitive art space titled #ImagineKL.

To bring the #ImagineKL showcase to life, Heineken collaborated with a diverse range of  emerging artists from the worlds of fashion, motion design, filmmaking, sculpture, photography, graphic design and sound art to create an intuitive space that both stimulated and inspired imagination. Blurring the lines between art and entertainment, #ImagineKL took a look at the analogue and digital worlds we live in and invited consumers to challenge their preconceptions.

Of course, no Heineken event would be complete without music. Heineken’s local DJs including LapSap, Twilight Actiongirl, Ethan Curzon, Hulkas, JHIN, HypeEm Beats and Indiego & Co. filled the showcase with their unique sounds, accentuating the artistic experience designed to spark social conversations. Consumers were also treated to the progressive sounds of the live music performances by Like Silver, Dae Kim and Flica which offered another unexpected twist to the #ImagineKL showcase.

For more information and details on Heineken, as well as the brand’s ongoing activities, log on to Heineken’s Instagram page (www.instagram.com/HeinekenMY) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Heineken).

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Showcased Creations

Themancalleduncle x All is Amazing x Boris Foong x blur

An installation in three pieces, Colourama takes a playful approach to our conceptions of image and animation. At the technological end of the spectrum, photographs by All is Amazing are sliced by software and dissected into layers.

These are reassembled along with projections and motion graphics by Boris Foong to form a series of ever-changing holograms. At the other end of the spectrum, blur’s Beberscope puts viewers in charge of their own story, allowing them to create and view their own animation. The triptych is completed with a soothing and immersive take on the centuries old kaleidoscope. 

Walls Have Ears
Dam Interactive x Yan Jun

Networks of pipes snake around our buildings. Present but often ignored, we rely on them for water, gas and power. Walls Have Ears takes sound as its medium to deliver and reprocess sound.

Microphones hidden in the pipes collect ambient sound and deliver it to the centre. The sound is repurposed and shaped into a jagged soundscape by Yan Jun and exported back out to the network through wireless headphones

Joe Chia x Kontak!

This untitled collaboration between the acclaimed fashion designer Joe Chia and architecture-based design collective Kontak! explores the connection between the clothes we wear and the space we occupy.

Untitled changes the notion that clothing begins and ends with the body by transforming it into a translucent freeform structure that dresses the space surrounding it.  

Biji-biji Initiative

Light travels at more than 800,000 times the speed of sound. Pulsating so fast that the human eye sees it as a constant stream. Inverting that rationale, Lasersonic pulls light into the realm of sound to create laser-guided melodies.

Pass your hand through a beam of light and it generates a tone. Pluck the air like strings and you create a tune at 300m metres per second. 

Popping Star
Biji-biji Initiative

A design icon never goes out of style. It can redefine that style and find use beyond its original purpose. Biji Biji used Heineken beer bottles and repurposed them to recreate Heineken’s iconic star as a stunning installation piece.

Jun Ong

Jun Ong specialises in using everyday objects to create invisible canvases that explore the links between production and consumption in society. A tesseract is a four dimensional hypercube: in the context of our 3D world it becomes eight interconnected cubes.

With Tesseract, Jun Ong explores the interplay between light and presence in space and time.

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