Dare or dare not to flaunt?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Frankly honest, I don’t really flaunt my skin since I’ve gained some weight because of unpleasant issues I faced back in the days. Spots and insect bites were apparently appear on my skin and it’s really irritating when I’m looking at my skin. Plus, my flabby arms and … you know… So I tried to hide it as much as I can. 

I do love wearing singlets and hot pants hanging out with friends. However, these outfits doesn’t please other people, probably because of my skin condition, it feels like I’m revealing the ugly side of me to the others. Somehow I wish I could flaunt it someday, that’s how I keep telling myself to regain self confidence. FLAUNT IT!

When it comes to taking over my mom’s business recently, it’s quite an alert for me to be serious on grooming myself. I always wanted to make a good routine for myself, like start applying mask every night, apply body lotions after bath, control my diet, etc… well I had a proper routine for my face, and it’s tome for body =) 

I don’t really have a habit applying body lotions because I don’t really like the sticky texture I’ve got from other brands. Plus, I don’t sleep in air-conditioned room, so I thought it might not be necessary XD Recently, I’ve gotten some Nivea products, okay I rephrased it, TONS of it. I’m quite drooling over their products since its invention of “body serum”. Well, it gives a quick absorption into my skin after apply, it wowed me.

So I’m here to share Nivea’s hero products – Extra White Firming Body Serum.  The bottle said it gives an ultimate result for 10 signs damaged & dull skin. Honestly, it smells amazing! Since it consist of vitamin C, its citrusy scent is so lovely, and most important, imagine how fast it absorb into my skin and leaves no stickiness. I think it’s bearable for men too, cause my man loves it! Well, let’s see how it goes in 14 days time. Stay tuned for my second post!"

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