#ZoukKLGoesBig: What to Expect the New Zouk KL at TREC

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wasn’t able to join both “Lights Out” parties last month as I was away from KL, but as I know that Zouk Club KL has made my nightS the most fun, most energetic and the most amazing one.

It’s really hard to expect for the new look of Zouk Club KL, but coming up this Friday on the 21st August 2015. I’m so ready for the party. Bigger venue, better experience at TREC.

Special thanks to the lovely Zouk KL Team; exclusively for my readers, I’m here to share with you some new looks of Zouk KL @ TREC Jalan Tun Razak.

From outside: Stands boldly in the capital city shaped by modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks. With its sharp, sloping lines, its masculine, futuristic exterior is a symbol of tomorrow. Imposing on the outside, it houses a myriad of contrasting interior spaces at its heart, embracing modernist techniques in sound, lights and design, keeping its inhabitants au courant with the future.

The inside: The new multi-room complex will open nine venues on Aug 21, after its private preview for invited guests on Aug 20, and the remaining two venues will open on Sept 4, 2015. Yes, a total of 11 experimental space offered from Zouk KL is set to bring up new excitements to all Zouk clubbers (including me)!

11 venues, ranging from members areas, alfresco areas, club rooms, private rooms, and a cafe, each with a distinct purpose, feature and appeal – topped of by amenities such as kitchen/catering facility, private rooms, plus lifts to clubs, a medical bay and more, making Zouk KL a self-contained, sustainable entity. Each room possessing a unique, individual identity – there is diversity and a self-supporting ecosystem even within the club complex. The challenge was to create unique, individual experiences for each outlet that would also preserve the Zouk brand, combining its unique savoir faire, design, and functionality.

What can I say? WOW!

Some shots that you might want to spot before entering, I can say that, they’re truly amazing!

Zouk Cafe Bar
Beer Garden
Zouk Main Room
Velvet Underground
Member’s Lounge
Apex Lounge / Glass Box
Imperial / Balcony Deck

Well, fellow Zouk homies, are you ready for this Friday?

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