Molto Bene 5-Step Deep Layer Moisture Treatment @ IMP Hair Studio

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Was told it this salon has opened for 13 years since 2003 and it’s not an easy job to sustain and compete with other competitors. This is the first thing that impressed me!

I always love and want treatments on my oily scalp hair but I just cant afford it at the moment. Also can’t look for the treatment that really works on my hair. So, as usual, I just give this a shot.

IMP (In My Place) Hair Studio carries mostly Japanese Hair brands and Molto Bene is one of the main brand. It has a huge variety of hair range for different concern, I was totally worn over the packaging and design – CUTE! Plus all Molto Bene products are silicon-free.

Deep Layer: 5-Step Layer Treatment for moisture purpose.
Adelro Color: Hair Colouring
Clay: Hair Scalp
Lashe: Perm Care
MoeMoe: Scalp & Hair Treatment
Loretta: Styling range

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5-Step Deep Layer Moisture Treatment
I understand that Japan beauty always has it’s maximum of 5 steps to achieve a truly J-Beauty look, no matter for skincare, make-up and even hair. For only 5 bottles of treatment, I shall own a smooth and well-moistured hair in just 45 minutes!

By holding its key ingredients Hydrolyzed Keratin PPT (Kerataide) and Hyaluronic Acid Flourine, the molecules helps to strengthen the hair bond and gives moisture to high damaged hair effectively. The nutritions goes on to repair the inner and outer hair component with water-repellent coating to the surface of the hair. The effect stays up to 8 wash!

Step 1: A high molecule hydrolyzed keratin is massaged to penetrate into the damage holes in the hair.
Step 2: Hydrolyzed keratin combined with hair peptide is made to fill in the gap between damaged holes.
Step 3: Repair ingredients settled into the hair by nano-CMC and Pellicle. This helps the Kerataide molecule gets bigger to combine and strengthen from within the hair.
Step 4: Moisturizing Hyaluronic Film to lock in Step 1 to 3 and to prevent dryness.
Step 5: To coat the surface of the hair with Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine, Polyfunctional Hybrid Polumer Flourine and water repellent for softer and smoother tresses.

Here's the result shown. Honestly, I started my treatment using Molto Bene Clay Shampoo and I really don't have to wash for the next day. My hair-ends so smooth and airy but it doesn't make it feel like a lioness. I love the effect!

Special Launch Promo for Molto Bene 5-Step Deep Layer Moisture Treatment @ IMP Hair Studio
Seen the result? Wanna try? Molto Bene & IMP Hair Studio is offering a special promo to my readers. 

You can now make reservations to try this treatment for only MYR50 (RRP: MYR250)!
Contact Charmaine via +603 4021 4148 (Setapak Branch) and mention my name “Ashley Yeen” to enjoy the treatment.

Kindly note that the treatment only opens for 30 pax and only on 15th August 2015. So be quick to reserve – and I shall do it again!

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