#GuinnessAmplify Curates presents Jumero's debut album.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last year’s Guinness Amplify was quite a success and it’s truly inspired local musicians to rise for another whole new level.

Following the success of the inaugural event, GuinnessAmplify returns with another show in its “Curates” series and this time round, the black brew supporting Malaysian musicians will feature local 3-piece indie band, Jumero, who will be launching their debut album, “Stepping Stones”. Glad that I was there to be part of the evening in support of local music!

We’re glad that whole bloggers team are set to stand right in front of them with no blockage! 

The event kick-started with Natallie Ng as the first act of the evening, performing her own originals “String”, “Rain” and some classy cover songs.

Crinkle Cut, a full-girls band as the second act for the event.  Lastly! Jumero’s here! Well enjoyed with my babe Joanna!

More information to go > www.amplify.com.my #GuinnessAmplify

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