Clinique #FACEFORWARD Campaign

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time flies, life goes on, ain’t looking backwards, looking forward to a better life.
What would I tell my future self? Being successful? Define. Act it!

Being myself is just not as easy as I thought for the past 24 years. I realised that people tend to please people around them, ends up with no purpose of living… Especially women nowadays. We’re ain’t the weaker side of the community and we’re able to work together or even better than men.

To inspire women alike, Clinique has launched the #FaceForward campaign to celebrate its iconic 3-Step Skincare System with three global influencers, Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang and Hannah Bronfman.

From the world of fashion, lifestyle, health and arts, Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang and Hannah Bronfman, have accomplished great things at a young age and they aren’t afraid to break boundaries. They perfectly embody this generation’s penchant for achievement and capture Clinique’s mission to motivate women around the world.

Hannah Bronfman, Tavi Gevinson and Margaret Zhang

As for me, I’m striving myself to embrace my life, being an entrepreneur, a daughter, a blogger, who loves challenging ourself and the most importantly, do what I love. I'm telling myself that I want to make my career well operating in a long run. It's quite hard in the beginning, but I'll never regret what I've done, at least, I live it once!

Clinique holds the message that tells women that “anything is possible”. There’s no right or wrong to forge their own desired path, it’s just the matter of living in their comfort zone or embrace your life. Uh, uh, it’s not about the #YOLO, but is to encourage women be daring to try something that you want to, deep down in your heart, to inspire women “making promises to the future and put it out there”, --- #FaceForward

I’m here to invite all women to be part of this campaign, putting promise to your future by @yourself + your promises + ask your friends to join + hashtag #FaceForward.

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