Belvedere Vodka Cocktail Masterclass at SkyBar

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Knowing Belvedere Vodka well of it's signature celebration of #WorldMartiniDay earlier on June 19th and with its iconic building printed on the bottle, the Belvedere Castle, US. It has been labeled as the drink for fashion and styles, so I was invited by MHD Malaysia to learn several simple yet delicious cocktail recipes by mixologist Elvis Sun from SkyBar, Traders Hotel.

Simple, yet fun-filled with experiences and enjoyment! I've learnt a total of four (4) cocktails and you should do it at home, cause you won't need all fancy ingredients.

Lychee Rose Martini
5 ml lychee juice
5 ml monin rose syrup
15 ml lychee liqueur
45 ml Belvedere vodka
Directions: Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cube and stir for 5 seconds then pour into Martini glass. Garnish 1 no of lychee fruit.

3 lime wedge
60 ml ocean cranberry juice
15 ml cointreau liquor
45 ml Belvedere vodka
Directions: Muddle 3 lime wedge and pour all the ingredients into mixing glass and stir for 5 seconds with ice cube pour into Martini glass and garnish orange zest (flame).

Mata D’or
40 ml passion fruit puree
10 ml pomegranate syrup
30 ml Belvedere vodka
Topped with Red Bull
Directions: Pour the passion fruit puree first and followed by pomegranate syrup, topped with red bull garnish with a twist of lemon skin.

1 whole lime fruit
2 teaspoon brown sugar
60 ml Belvedere pure vodka
Directions: Muddle 5 lime wedges with brown sugar into rock glass & vodka and stir thoroughly with ice cube. Add some crush ice on top and garnish lime wedge.

So, who says leisure only can be done outside from home?

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