Skin types: Do you know yours?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's been a while I'd involving in beauty line, and I followed mom's footsteps since young. However, certain people might not really aware of how exactly their skin looks like and this may resulting them to pick the wrong skin care. 

I was once approached and they claimed my skin is pretty oily (yes, but not informing me that it's caused by skin dehydration), I was given tons of oil control products to use and turned out my skin breakouts and sensitive. This literally took me years to save my skin and I'm glad it's pretty fine now.

Found online, and I shared on my business website and social media portals. I was thinking that why not to post it here for a better reference since this is my beauty blog =) Certainly, feel free to drop me an email for a better communication and enquiries. I'll be happy enough to assist you.

Posts are written in bilingual (English and Chinese) for a better understanding.

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How well do you know your skin? Here's a small test for you to try at home:
1. Wash your face and dry your skin.
2. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours during daytime or overnight
3. Gently dap on your skin with tissue paper
4. Find out if there's oil blots or dry flakes
5. Repeat step 3 & 4 on cheek, forehead, chin, and nose area.

**Kindly avoid outdoor activities or staying under air-conditioned room as the result may vary.

Oily: Visible oil blots around the face.
Combination: Visible oil blots on T-Zone area, normal / slightly dry on U-Zone area.
Normal: No visible oil blots
Dry: Slightly visible skin flakes and feel stressed while stretching face
Sensitive: Irritation and slightly burnt, visible redness.

Experiment above are just major skin concerns. Of course there are certain studies that clients may face skin changing process from one to another skin type due to external reasons. Please get in touch with me or other professional skin care consultant to know your skin better in order to provide the best advice and solutions to treat your skin.

1. 先洗脸然后抹干(一般洗面乳即可)
2. 什么都不搽,让皮肤放空2至3小时;如果是晚间试验可以直接睡觉。
3. 试用纸巾轻轻贴上皮肤一次。
4. 看看纸巾是否有残留物如油迹或小死皮屑
5. 接着,在额头,脸颊,下巴,鼻子重复做同样的测验。



That's the end of my 5 cents of advise. I hope everyone will understand your skin well. Make sure to identify the exact skin concern to achieve the best result. Everyone deserves a healthy skin! Cheers!

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