My LipoSlim journey with Premier Clinic - Part 1

Sunday, July 05, 2015

I've made my mind; I've done enough with my research; I've seen tons of testimonials and my friend's advices who's taken this program; and I'm sick enough with those cheating images which needs me a sight push on cheek / flabby arms and huge waist... I want them to be real....

I was once a 55kgs girl back in year 2011 before I extend my studies in Kay-Elle and that's how I've started such gaining crazy weights. I forced myself to those common slimming centres but turned out no significant results and I was so upset. I do like my chubby figures but I found somehow my recent health readings are getting worse. I admit, although I don't adore those pretty Koreans and skinny girls but I always wanted to have their face features, not body - at least got some "flesh and fats" to cuddle and it comforting.

So this is how I actually look like now. Can't believe that I've dared myself to post all "non-edited images" below. It was taken real-life when I stepped into Premier Clinic for consultation.

Reasons why I picked LipoSlim Treatment:
> Quickest way to achieve maximum results
> No exercise needed (it will be great if you can exercise during the programme)
> Appetite Control (with controlled amount taken of Adipex-Retard**)
> Literally diminishing fats and not weaken your energy...

Plus, I’ve seen so much testimonials and the results are really convincing. I braved myself to take this shot and I've made an appointment with Premier Clinic, TTDI. I was well hosted by Evonne and Dr. Kee is my doctor consultant.

Was firstly predicted such weights is because of my unbalanced lifestyle which include late sleep, unbalanced diet, taking meals irregularly and NOT MUCH EXERCISE; plus a small possibility of hormonal imbalanced. 

Week 1 (05/07/2015)
I received my first pack of 7 injections and a pack of Adipex Retard** to start my Week 1 of the programme. Yes, I did the daily injection it all by myself. Thank you my babe Chency for guiding me via her GIF Image. Well, it’s not painful at all if you do it in the right way, please remember to keep your fingers and skin sanitised. I’ll need to revisit weekly for further consultation and body measurements.

This is how I do my daily jab everyday. (Credit to

I received tons of feedbacks asking me whether it’s painful or terrifying while injecting yourself, well it’s pretty subjective and it needs a huge encouragement and constant will whether you want to make it happen or not.

Stay tuned because I’ll be revealing my Week 1 result after =)

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Clinic hours : Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm
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**Adipex Retard capsules should be taken under the doctor’s supervision specializing in the obesity treatment. To increase the efficiency of anti-obesity therapy, Adipex Retard medication should be combined with psychotherapeutic methods of weight loss (increased motivation to consume healthy food, change in eating behavior).

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