Mission Number76 at Mid Valley

Sunday, July 19, 2015

If you’re a fan of reading blogger’s review, Number76 no longer sounds new to you. I’m aware of the hairdresser’s unique colours and style, but I’ve never had a chance to try any of their services (oopsie, pocket $$). However, I’m glad that I was finally invited to try one of their services and I’ve picked Mid Valley outlet (it’s actually locating at Mid Valley Northpoint, not the shopping mall itself)

Split ends, oily scalp are what my hair face the most. Hairstylist Calvin understands well about my scalp and introduced to me to try their Ultrasonic Premium Treatment which helps nourishing, strengthen, repairing hair structure into the deeper layer. So, DEAL!

Simple steps that doesn’t take much time for the treatment, maybe less than an hour. Started with hair wash (the hairstylist was kind enough offering me to use my usual shampoo, Kerastase K-Stimulate Shampoo) Gosh, what a great massage they have!! After hair wash, the treatment officially started.
First: Leaving my hair damped and slightly wet, STEP 1 treatment cream applied all over my hair area – which I was told that it has protein, collagen and vitamins to repair my damaged hair structure, and followed up by Sonic Icon. Took roughly 20 minutes on my hair length.

The Sonic Iron has a high level of vibration and functioned as cold straightener. Sprayed with water and start ironing my hair with treatment cream on, one by one. The vibration helps to penetrate the nutritions of the treatment cream into deeper layer and you might feel some vibration while ironing. Second: Washing off the STEP 1 cream and followed by STEP 2, spraying hair tonics to nourish my hair layers, leave in for a few minutes.

Here comes the magic ~  My hair become extremely smooth when drying my hair and I see a super obvious result after treatment – so silky smooth. Plus, Calvin is kind enough to help me cutting off some split ends. Thank you Number76 for hosting such a great service! 

Number76 Mid Valley City, A-G-2 & 3, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City

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