Hennessy Cognac: A Celebration of Two and a Half Centuries of Excellence

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The elegant afternoon of fine cuisine, and good company was a pure testament to Hennessy’s 250 years of high standards and excellence.

Hennessy believes that an excellent cognac starts with the wood barrels, and in this occasion, 250 handmade oak barrels that held the Hennessy 250 Collector blend. MHD always sweet enough to treat us well with an exclusive media preview and pairing lunch featured a four-course menu specially curated by Chef James Won from Brasserie Enfin. I, along with media guests was led on a sensorial discovery of the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend

We were given a handful of saffron spice in a glass jar before being guided in a step by step process and enlightened on the history and making of the blend.

The tasting was a unique experience around the blend as the saffron spice, a precious spice and an enhancer perfectly showcased the exquisiteness and complexity of the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend.

The first entrée was a dish of potato crisps, scallop with marmite, monkfish liver and bacon paired flawlessly with Hennessy X.O, which showcased the masculine characteristics of this generous cognac.

Perfectly crispy skin snapper and lobster with crispy sago infused with saffron and lobster reduction, was served next, accompanied by Hennessy X.O. The pairing proved to be a refreshing take to the palate as the rich taste of seafood harmonised seamlessly with the delicate and fruity nuances of the cognac.

The mains. Yam pillows, braised pork shoulder in tea, cashew, chili and saffron sable and truffle raisins ketchup was then served, paired with the Hennessy 250 Collector blend. A dish with full marks for presentation was no disappointment to taste. The rich and full-bodied texture of the meat enhanced the richness of the cognac, and left a wonderful persistence finish on the palate - combining the perfect balance of subtlety and complexity.

As the lunch wound to a close, dessert of cashew, pandan chlorophyll, coconut textures and saffron Arborio pudding was served to be paired with Hennessy X.O.  The flavours were a mouthful of spectacular texture and taste which brought a sweet ending to this 4-course lunch.

The 250 barrels that hold the 250 Collector Blend – entirely hand-made by traditional coopers from La Sarrazine, Hennessy’s cooperage – have been specially sized for the event and hold 250 litres (rather than the usual 270). Made of wide-grained Limousin oak, the barrels add just a touch of vanilla and toast, without overpowering the aromas of the eaux-de-vie. The eaux-de-vie have been previously aged in barrels for at least ten years under optimum condition in an ageing cellar near the banks of the Charente.

The blend and the decanter
The Hennessy 250 Collector blend distinguish itself by a bright, warm shade of amber, which comes from the slow ageing of the eaux-de-vie and the successive blending processes.

Aromatic tones ranging from herbal to spicy give the 250 Collector Blend a remarkable voluptuousness, revealing notes of bitter orange and fresh nutmeg, liquorice, dried peppermint leaves, and precious spices such as saffron. While powerful on the palate, the 250 Collector Blend also possesses exceptional elegance, highlighted by a delightful nuance of spicy complexity.

The decanter – the work of designer Stéphanie Balini – seems of one piece, untouched by time, with its contemporary lines forming generous, pure curves.

Its notable characteristics make this new creation a special and symbolic blend for Hennessy, a new memory to treasure from the Charente vineyards and the darkened cellars – a unique blend for a unique occasion…

The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend is priced at RM2531.30 nett and only available via order directly through Moët Hennessy Diageo. For further enquiry, please call (603) 2053 8688 or email us directly at wk.chong@mhdm.com.my.

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  1. oh my! the food look sumptuous, Ashley! Great visuals, my dearie. Looks like you had great fun.


    1. Gosh.... I do have fun! xoxo Thanks Jeann!