Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection

Monday, June 29, 2015

May signals the unofficial start to summer—soon, those lazy, long days in the sun will be a reality. For Bobbi Brown, the beach is the perfect backdrop for her latest collection—Sandy Nudes. Inspired by shades and textures of sand from beaches around the world—deep bronzes, bleached whites and warm browns—the collection features everything needed to create the ultimate warm-weather glow. The look is fresh, pretty and relaxed—the epitome of easy summer beauty.

NEW Face Mist (MYR120)
Face Mist is a versatile skin-moisturizing spray that instantly refreshes skin with vitamins and botanical extracts. More than a setting spray, a few spritzes leaves skin hydrated, soothed and glowing. Featuring a blend of Green Tea, Chamomile and Cucumber, this water-based formula revives and awakens skin, while providing intense and continuous moisturization. Face Mist is formulated with the natural, soothing scents of Lavender and Geranium. This product is sure to become a skincare must-have.

NEW Shimmering Sands Eye Palette (MYR260)
The centerpiece of the Sandy Nudes collection, this palette features 12 beautiful shadows that represent white to black sand beaches, and will take you one step closer to that summer holiday. Shades of shimmering nudes and golden browns pair perfectly with a nude or pink lip for a look that embodies carefree post-beach radiance.

NEW Shades: Eye Shadow in Sand Castle, Sparkle Eye Shadow in White Sand, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Seashell, Metallic Eye Shadow in Sunkissed, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Copper Sand, Eye Shadow in Suntan, Metallic Eye Shadow in Beach Pink, Eye Shadow in Seashore, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Beach Bronzed, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Golden Sand, Sparkle Eye Shadow in Bronzed Sand & Sparkle Eye Shadow in Black Sand.

Nail Polish (MYR57)
Add a subtle touch of color with these new nail polishes. The nude and pale pink shades are spot-on for the looks of the season and perfectly complement glowing, bronzed skin.
NEW Shades: Nude & Naked

The new Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection is now available in stores.

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  1. wow! Love the look of the collection, very nude and earthy sort of tones. I like the two nail colours, looks super clean and refreshing!


    1. Jeann, indeed! I always love their nudes and sands! What a natural beauty.... xoxo