Beauty Updates: Melvita L'OR ROSE Refining Serum

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Women of all ages concern about having cellulite on their skin can now walk down the street in their favourite shorts, confidently flaunting it in the sexiest way possible. Cellulite often known as an ‘orange peel,’ or ‘dimpling, is a skin transformation often appear on the thighs, buttocks and sometimes lower abdomen. Cellulite appears when the structures of the fat cells begin to weaken and a large cell specialized in the storage of fats in the upper layers of fatty tissue increase in size due to excess lipid storage. As they are grouped together in cluster form, they push skin upwards making cellulite.

Melvita has already revealed their secrets in its L’OR ROSE Firming Oil last July 2014. This June, Melvita is proud to launch another new product from its L’OR ROSE range. The new L’OR ROSE Refining Serum is a special care body serum delivers its promise of firmer skin, redefined silhouette and satin-smooth skin with optically reduced signs of cellulite.

The precious pink berries act in two phases: they help to limit the formation of large lipid droplets in adipocytes, then help them to break down the fats they contain.
Melvita picked these berries in accordance with the brand’s sustainable harvesting specifications.

During the day in its balanced state, the body burns the fat in its tissues to meet its high energy needs. This is called lipolysis. During the night, the body stores fat in the skin. This is called cutaneous lipogenesis. A state of imbalance happens when the skin is no longer able to manage fat storage, where adipocytes get bigger and put so much pressure on the skin’s support structure that the skin loses its shape and cellulite appears.

L’OR Rose Refining Serum 125ml MYR178
Enriched with pink berries from Réunion Island, this formula helps to refine the figure by targeting the most stubborn areas. Immediately moisturized, skin feels smoother and more toned. The rapidly absorbed, gel-cream texture and delicate, sparkling scent give a feeling of freshness upon application and promise a moment of pure pleasure – even when you’re feeling rushed in the morning or tired in the evening.


99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 
50% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Usage Instruction: Apply twice a day, massaging into the skin in a circular motion focusing on the stubborn area (hips, thighs). Use alone or follow, in the same range, with Melvita L’OR ROSE Firming Oil.

L’OR Rose Firming Oil 100ml MYR178
Melvita creates the Firming Oil and associates the Pink Berries of la Réunion with an extract of Sea Buckthorn Berries in a unique slimming formula. This pleasurable massage ritual helps reduce the appearance of uneven, dimple-prone skin. Concentrated in powerful organic actives, this oil whose perfume is delicate and fresh provides an instant sensation of lightness.


99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 
36% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

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