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Saturday, May 30, 2015

#Throwback It literally tok me so much time to get this done as I’m trying out the product. As for all skin care products to achieve skin radiance may take up to three months to get them done; and I’m here, ready to share with you my thoughts on the products that I’ve reviewed for the past few weeks.

Beautiful bright skin is only achieved by eliminating all chroma imperfections on top of dark spots.” -shu uemura international artistic director, Uchiide

shu uemura has unlocked the secret to beautiful and transparent skin for a new era in whitening. All-new blanc:chroma enables what women desire—a healthy, bright complexion with natural radiance, free of chroma imperfections.

blanc:chroma adopts a truly innovative approach to brightening, one born of expertise in Asian skin and artist insight to fight overall skin tone irregularities with a carefully selected choice of powerful ingredients. blanc:chroma goes beyond conventional whitening with a unique combination of cleansing oil and essence to not only purify skin, but also treat it.

What are the 4 chromas?
shu uemura has identified 4 face tone irregularities which impact on the makeup finish—brown, red, yellow and green. For a global beautiful skin tone that maximises the finish of makeup, these colour irregularities must be addressed.

brown Dark spots are the most intense chroma and the main obstacle to creating an even makeup finish.
red— Beautiful skin has to be healthy and rosy, but undesired redness caused by inflammation, acne and other factors, can also affect the makeup finish.
yellowYellow dullness also prevents a gorgeous, rosy finish. One reason for the yellowish skin tone is caused by formation of lipoperoxides, along with and aging.
greenUnhealthy skin can show as a greenish or pale tone in the complexion, due to lower rates of microcirculation.
So what’s mine? RED. I have a pinkish skin tone, however my skin tends to appear some unpleasent redness and it really affects my make-up. Usually I’m using yellow-toned foundation to conceal them, which I think it’s not helpful enough.

blanc:chroma chroma4 clarifying essence 
It is a new powerful brightening active “4D Complex” goes beyond dark spots to fight against 4 chroma imperfections for luminous, transparent skin.

fight against red - target: uneven redness
Boldo leaf, long used in phyto therapies and medicines, assist with skin conditioning properties act on the skin to gently reduce the uneven redness. The pinkish purple tone of chroma4 clarifying essence has been identified by shu uemura atelier artists to instantly enhance transparency of Asian skin.

What do I think? Indeed, using it for only 4 weeks, it shows skin clarity on my uneven skin tone – not too much to be seen but however it works fine. The texture of the essence it light and fast-absorbed and it doesn’t make you think that’s a “fussy step to go thru with it” before applying moisturiser.
*tips: kindly apply a generous amount of hydrating-based moisturiser to ensure your skin hydrating level works fine for this product to achieve better skin clarity.

blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil
4D brightening starts with cleansing. Moving beyond stubborn makeup removal, blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil effectively polishes away accumulated melano-stains*  for brighter and more transparent skin, leading to a beautiful makeup finish.

Key ingredients:
Clay Extract - purifying
Extracted, filtered and purified from mineral-rich natural lava clay. Known to trap impurities and lighten the complexion.

Lipo HA - polishing
Gently exfoliates dead skin cells containing melanin.
*dead cells containing melanin on the skin surface that cause uneven and dull skin tone.

Ultimate Removal System
With improved removability for waterproof mascara, shu uemura’s latest removal system thoroughly cleanses makeup and impurities in a single step.

Well, I’ve been using it’s POREfinist cleansing oil since back then. It’s quite a new experience for me to try out something that which I temporary not touching it on my skin – radiance & whitening. Since it’s here, why not? For those who are familiar with cleansing oil, there’s no special / extra step for this while cleansing your skin.

First attempt, my skin was one-tone brighter than usual and I believe it helps to remove free radicals, oxidised make-ups. Plus, a lil extra credit for exfoliation as the clay extract purifies my skin to become smoother.

So here’s my personal thoughts on shu uemura blanc:chroma range which is in trend now. Please head over to all shu uemura boutiques to find out more.

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  1. Cleansing oil looks interesting. I never tried a cleansing oil before, maybe I should.
    And ohh I NEED to learn how to take gorgeous product picture like you do. Its so nice!!

    1. Dear Anis,
      Thank you so much for the compliment! Of course you can get inspired by keep viewing good images and practise more to train your beauty aesthetics art...
      If you're a newbie to cleansing oil, please remember to seek for full guidance from the BA in shu uemura counters ya!