Celebration? Think BOOZEAT

Friday, May 22, 2015

I was bumped into an international site that offers a huge varieties of booze and offering fast delivery service to our doorstep. So, one question pops up on my mind: what if I need some booze to celebrate but it was too heavy for a lady to take care of it?


Sick and tired of paying overpriced alcohol in the club, and totally not enjoying it because all your friends are whacking them all without leaving you a single drop?

I was truly hoping there’s a portal for me to shop for booze in affordable price.
My need is well heard, and here it is, BOOZEAT.


Hitting into Boozeat.com, from wines to spirits, it offers a huge varieties of alcohol which is priced slightly lower than what you got in general hypermarkets. Plus, they’re offering great party packages and exclusive dining experiences, especially The Glenfiddich Experience Pre-Event that happened recently.

I know, it’s abstract, and it needs a huge trust and risk handling to go with online shopping for the sake of convenience and time-saving strategy. However, Boozeat is one of the nation’s most reliable e-commerce which gives you a confortable and convenient customer services like whats’apping your enquiries to their mobile number, or you may write in your enquiries.

Each and every product shown gives you a straight-forward direction about their tasting notes and awards. Simple and clear-cut layout ease our sights and not confusing.

Not only tells you how does it taste or how many awards they won, Boozeat team members are sweet enough to come out a blog, sharing tips and tricks of alcohol recipes, fun facts and something-that-you-might-not-know-about. Also, you may keep in the loop by following their Facebook Page & Instagram Account

Join me, sign up as BOOZEATers and claim RM80 shopping credit from so you can start shopping now! Not to forget, enjoy FREE DELIVERY with purchase of RM80 and above.

What's Boozeat? Everyone's Personal Celebration.

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