Extra Radiance! Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution

Monday, April 20, 2015

For the first time ever, device and formulations come together to systematically combat the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne-induced discoloration, uneven skin tone and dullness. Clarisonic, the pioneer in sonic cleansing, is revealing its newest breakthrough in transformative skincare: the Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution, the key to unlocking your brightest complexion.

The synergy of device and innovative formulations works to slow down the synthesis of excess melanin, combat future dark spot formation, and exfoliate existing pigment at the skin’s surface. Users experience beautifully transformed skin that is brighter, softer, and more radiant. With the new Brightening Activator Serum and Skin Renewing Essence Boost, Clarisonic makes its debut into leave-on treatments, responding to a growing consumer demand for amplified results by combining devices and formulations.

In conjunction with its 10th Anniversary, local painters are using the iconic Clarisonic brush to illustrates different feel of art and masterpiece!

“As a result of tireless research and development, we created a comprehensive system that targets hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, age, hormones, and acne inflammation, so people feel confident in the way their skin looks and feels.”

Radiance Brightening Solution Regimen includes:

Clarisonic Aria: This sleek device is both ergonomical and customizable with a pulsing T- Timer and three adjustable levels of sonic speed: Delicate, Universal and Powerful.
The Radiance Brush Head: This uniquely designed and patented spot and dullness-fighting brush head is specifically engineered with softer, denser, extra fine bristles to deliver a complexion- comforting yet highly effective cleansing experience.

Skin Illuminating Cleanser: Formulated specifically for use with the Clarisonic cleansing device and Radiance Brush Head, this high-foaming rich, luxurious cleansing milk helps transform the appearance of dull, uneven skin. The high-foaming gentle cleansing action combined with the pigment balancing activity of licorice helps brighten and even skin tone while removing impurities. Key ingredients such as peppermint leaf extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract soothe skin and increase circulation for a more radiant, healthier complexion.

Skin Renewing Essence Boost: This intensely hydrating high-performance essence water features the anti-oxidant Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Licorice Extract and Peppermint Extract to help smooth and retexture skin for a more radiant, healthy looking complexion. Designed and formulated for daily use, Essence Boost hydrates the skin for up to 8 hours and helps refine skin tone while diminishing discoloration and improving skin’s elasticity.

Brightening Activator Serum: Featuring powerful depigmentation ingredients, Ellagic Acid and Phenylethyl Resorcinol, this clinically proven serum is formulated to provide intense hydration and help reduce the synthesis of melanin and lighten dark spots, age spots and acne-induced discoloration when applied each day and night.

Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Kit Brightening Solution (ARIA) MYR950
Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Replenishment Kit
Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Skin Illuminating Cleanser MYR103
Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Renewing Essence Boost MYR145
Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Activator Serum MYR186
Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brush Head MYR99

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