Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation: A perfect lux-combo that changes your skin

Friday, April 10, 2015
Well, I got to know this before Dior’s Nude Air, which is something similar to this.
If you’re lazy enough to use tons of steps after your skin care routine, I’m pretty sure this will become your daily favs or must-haves.

A perfect fusion of skincare and make-up that beautifies skin from the inside out with super-charged serum ingredients, which adapts Cordyceps Mushroom, an excellent Chinese medicine tonic formulas, for the first time, along with Bobbi’s signature skin-tone correct pigments. Utilizing an innovative technology that preserves the potency of Cordyceps Mushroom’s energizing ingredients, this lightweight, silky foundation transforms skin with continuous powerful treatment benefits and flawless, natural-looking, all-day coverage.

The result is an extra-fine emulsion formula that feeds the skin with the goodness of the Cordyceps Mushroom, radiance restoring Bamboo Grass and moisturising Lychee extracts. Instead of settling in, the pigments float over the skin’s surface, giving off a silky feel and fresh look. It is also formulated with a high level of SPF 40 coverage for skin protection against UV rays.

So… just imagine…

Restore Radiance + Boost Moisture + Firm/Lifting/Smoothes + Repair

Comes with 11 shades in April 2015, Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 retails at MYR195.

Shades available: Porcelain, Warm Porcelain, Warm Ivory, Sand, Cool Sand, Warm Sand, Beige, Warm Beige, Natural, Warm Natural, Honey

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