Feel the Icelandic breeze in Malaysia: Reyka Vodka is here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Living in a place like Iceland, gives one an interesting view of the world. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s also rugged and provocative."

And so when it comes to making vodka, Reyka followed this path. You can see it in their unique distillation method and innovative process. And you can surely taste it in the distinctive flavor of Reyka’s award-winning vodka.

Preciously Small Batches
Made its debut in year 2005, Reyka Vodka is hand crafted in preciously small batches in Iceland’s first vodka distillery.  Hailing from a land of fire and ice, Reyka makes the most of Iceland’s resources – using nearby glacial spring water and lava rocks as a natural filtration system. On top of that, the distillery is also powered by geo-thermal energy from nearby hot springs. This gives every drop of Reyka its smooth taste and silky finish.

Reyka’s handcrafted process takes about 6 hours to produce a small batch of only 1,000 litres of vodka, using one of the only Carter-Head Stills in the world - and the only one that is used to make vodka. This precious spirit is then analyzed by the Master Distiller to ensure each and every bottle retains the highest of high quality. 

Tasting Notes

Fresh, rounded aniseed with creamy vanilla, light spicyness, and underlying savoury grain.

Soft, delicate texture that becomes fuller-bodied and lightly creamy, with elegant, rounded aniseed and vanilla, a sweet-dry balance, luscious light spiciness, and underlying savoury grain.

For more information about Reyka, visit: www.reyka.com

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