[Advertorial] Future IT & Engineering experts in UNITEN

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It felt I’m back to uni-life, again. What I’m sharing you here is nothing much related to what I’ve studied before, however, for those who are passionate with IT, Engineering and some Business studies, you might find this helpful.

On the 7th March 2015, which was on Saturday, I was invited to join the University Tenaga Nasional’s (UNITEN) Open Day in Putrajaya Campus. Honestly, before I get to know in-depth about this campus, the only thing I know about UNITEN is Nurul Izzah Anwar was one of the graduatants in 2004.

Environment and Facilities
Speaking of the campus evironment and facilities, I was amazed that it is totally different from where I was from – okay I’m not gonna talking about my crappy “factory campus” anymore… Moreover, they have hotels in the campus for parents or family to stay over for the student’s graduation day or school opening day – AWESOME RIGHT?!

UNITEN offers three major courses – IT, Engineering and Business Management includes Accounting. However, the Business School will only be conducted in Bandar Muadzam Shah Campus which is located in Pahang. Of course, Foundation and General Studies are well offered too. The fees are reasonable; with support of scholarships and loans for students with good grades in SPM / STPM.

Scholarship and Loans
UNITEN offers up to 15 scholarships and loans which are fully supported by government and private sector such as PTPTN, ECMLibra Foundation Study Loans, Maybank Scholarship Awards and some other big development groups as well. Applicable to all foundation and degree programmes.

UniTEN starts accepting new applicants for May/June 2015 intake, head over to www.uniten.edu.my, call at +603-8921 2020 or look for their Facebook Page for more information.

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