Papulex™ Anti-Blemish Gel

Monday, February 09, 2015

Well, just free from these concerns but I guess I shall make a shoutout on these products as I believe everyone deserves to know this life-saver for those who have pimple skin - Papulex™ which has been clinically proven to be effective by many who suffer from acne.

Powered by its unique triple action formulation, Papulex™ represents an innovative dermocosmetic skincare range that focuses on improving skin’s appearance, reduce breakouts and pimples while ensuring skin appears healthy and revitalised. 99% of acne sufferers noted improvement on their skin condition in just 6 weeks after using Papulex™.1

The Papulex™ Power of 3 is clinically proven in optimizing acne management in a tolerable and effective way. Its unique triple-action formula tackles the 3 main root causes of acne, which are
(i) Proliferation of P. acnes bacteria 
(ii) Increase in sebum production 
(iii) Inflammation of acne. 

The Power of 3 formula includes:

1. EU Patented ABA Technology – Reduces Acne Causing Bacteria
The ABA (Anti-Bacterial Adhesive substance) technology is EU patented and it is unique to Papulex™. The ABA works like a film-forming barrier system to reduce the adhesion of acne bacteria on skin, at the same time prevents the proliferation of P. acnes bacteria. Studies have shown that only 3% ABA is needed to reduce the adhesion of acne bacteria to human corneocytes by 82%, in only 3 days!

2. Nicotinamide – Controls Inflammation and Calms Breakout
Early management of acne inflammation may minimize the risk of acne marks and scars. The power of Nicotinamide lies in its ability to control acne-induced inflammation. Nicotinamide/ Niacinamide is a natural molecule derived from Vitamin B3.  It is very well known in Europe as an acne management ingredient. Studies have shown that Nicotinatimide not only has the ability to reduce inflamed lesions, it also decreases acne severity. Nonetheless, it does not subject to the risk of bacterial resistance when used over time.

3. Zinc PCA – Reduces Skin Oiliness and Shine
Zinc is a well-known ingredient used in reducing sebum production activity. In Papulex™ range of products, to increase the efficacy and tolerability, zinc is combined with L-PCA (a natural physiologic molecule present in the organism and found in large concentrations (12%) in the stratum corneum). The presence of Zinc PCA in Papulex™ products functions to regulate the sebum production of skin, thus control skin oiliness and shineError! Bookmark not defined. At the same time, it does not cause skin dryness.

In offering its consumers comprehensive solution to skincare and acne management, Papulex™ has recently introduced its anti-blemish Papulex™Gel. This anti-blemish transparent gel provides intensive anti-blemish skincare for localized spots on face and other small areas. It promotes the disappearance of blemishes, suitable for day and night use. It is also fragrance free and paraben free. 

Affordably priced at MYR52.80, the Papulex™Gel comes in a 40ml tube.

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