Tried and Tested: 28 Days Challenge with Triumph #FirmerSkin28DaysMY

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I believe many of you will think how uncomfortable it’ll be when putting on bodyshaper for 8 hours and above; marks and red spots appear on skin and so on. However, I’ve accepted Triumph Malaysia’s challenge by putting on Triumph Shape Sensation shape-wear for 28 days, 8 hours daily. #FirmerSkin28DaysMY

What does Shape Sensation mainly function as?
- Enhance your silhouette
- Build curves and fix all your concerned area for a better shape
- Firms up your skin in 28 days
- Combined shaping functions and soft sensual design

Triumph Malaysia actually did a survey on measuring 2800 women in Malaysia and categorized their bodyshapes into five types – the Y-S-I-O-A shape. Surprisingly, most of the Malaysia women are under “I” (46%), followed by “A” (34%), “S” (10%), “O” (9%) and lastly “Y” (1%).

The latest edition of TSS (Triumph Shape Sensation) includes NOVAREL, an advanced technology Firming factors are infused with mirco-capsules technology, containing active cosmetic ingredients that are released during wear, thereby visibly improving skin firmness and suppleness. Of course it has the existing two-way stretch Lycra lace features that secretly smoothens and defines body contours whilst also imparting stunning visual appeal. Its amazing stretch and recovery ability offers strong shaping and support, yet still comfortable to wear all day long.

Since I have the previous version of body shapers, so this time I got myself something different: 2 Body Contouring Corsages and 1 High Waist Mid Leg Girdle.

Something different than what I've experienced before, the fabric texture is extremely smooth and airy, feels like wearing nothing on my body, but firmed! I don’t really mind sleeping together by wearing their corsage and girdle as it doesn't cause any irritation and discomfort.

In fact I could see slight improvement on my skin condition 2 weeks after wearing this set of corsage and girdle. My skin is more toned and it actually helps to ease my skin sensitivity around coverage area. However my body was taking few days to get used to it and everything’s alright after then.

28 days challenge was as fast as a blink of an eye; I shall say my skin is a lot smoother and less sensitive. Still get a well fitted silhouette and I've took back my confident to wear pencil skirts and dress. Also, do remember to maintain healthy lifestyle for better result and to achieve your dreamline…

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