Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sulwhasoo, the luxury brand for the depth of beauty, introduces Luminature Essential Finisher which is used in the last step of skincare to enhance the substances of previous products for maximum efficacy and natural luminosity. 

‘Luminature Essential Finisher’, the new category of product for the last step of skincare, gently embraces the skin to form a natural protective barrier for deeper penetration of nourishment and to lock in the moisture for the naturally healthy skin condition with natural luminosity. 

First released in the Korean market in April 2013, Luminature Essential Finisher has introduced the concept of ‘finisher’, which is used in the last step of basic skincare to maximize the efficacies of skincare. It attracted great attention and sold more than 10 billion KRW in only a month and a half. This has reset the record of the greatest sale in the shortest period of time in the 50 years of history of Sulwhasoo brand. Also, the ‘finisher’ market first discovered by Sulwhasoo is expected to grow around the world as many other global beauty brands have released finisher-type products since Sulwhasoo released Luminature Essential Finisher. 

LocsamhyoTM, the major ingredient of Luminature Essential Finisher, is the modern formula of green tea and ginseng, which are the major traditional ingredients of Asia that reflect Sulwhasoo’s years of knowhow, and achieves an optimized complex of green tea and ginseng for the clarity, glow, and moisture of skin. 

Well, I experienced a sense of freshness of my skin after apply this before make-up and you may treat this as your pre-primer. If you have felt your skincare routine was not quite enough, probably you can complete the skin with natural luminosity with Luminature Essential Finisher for the flawless finish, and YES to make sure you own a glowing, K-Beauty look throughout the day like I do.

Retails at MYR280 (80ml), available at all Sulwhasoo counters.

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  1. ooohhh interesting new concept. So does the product smells strong with green tea and ginseng, I wonder?

    1. Jeanne,
      Indeed, it has quite a strong Korean Ginseng in this bottle.. or I shall say, like most of them... =)