Luxola Specials: Make Up Store Microshadows

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Been eyeing for Make Up Store products for quite sometime however they are currently not available in Malaysia. Special thanks to Luxola, I've picked their micro shadows to try out.

Maya – Bright Ocean Blue
It’s a matte shadow colour and you won’t believe what you see as the volume of the microshadows are way much bigger than other eye shadow colours that I have in my stash. Couldn’t find much information about this shade (probably it’s a limited edition shade I guess). Personally found that this blue is blendable to other colours as it’s not too harsh for colour user. It could be light and you may multiple it to be a very eye-catching peacock blue.

Cosmopolitan – Sheer Light Peach
My favourite! I’ve always love using sheer / shimmering shades to enhance my eyes and it’s more pigmented then other types of eye shadows. Mostly I’m using it at front eye or highlighter on brows, nose and cheek bones.

This highly pigmented eye shadow gives an intense, clear and colorful result. Micro shadow stays true in colour through the whole day or night out on town. The colour you see in the package is the colour you will see once applied – Like what Make Up Store says: What you see is what you get!

Stay tuned as I’ll be updating my make-up lookbook on these 2 colours pretty soon. You may get Make Up Store products at 

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