[Tried and Tested] Kérastase Discipline Hair Treatment: My hair is now “well discipline”

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Duh… Can’t believe that I still have frizzy hair although I’m washing it every day, literally. To be honest with you, I’m using two shampoos at once: Scalp shampoo for scalp area, conditioning shampoo for hair to avoid split ends. I also do enjoy visiting hair salons, letting shampoo girls to wash and massage my hair.

HOWEVER… I have a serious condition, what if I totally have no time washing my hair with two shampoos? And here goes my hair, I'll become a lioness for the rest of the day. Well, I really need to fix this, and at the same time, to keep my hair scalp fresh and not easy getting oily.

Thanks to Kérastase Malaysia and Miko Hair Galare for understanding my concern, I was invited to try out their latest Kérastase Discipline Hair Treatment, where they told me I could have a smooth, silky and manageable hair in just 45 minutes! Washing my hair using Bain Fluidealiste, and applied Kérastase Discipline in-salon treatment Soin #1 and Soin #2, the completes the session with Maskeratine.

So here's the result in just one treatment. I have to be very honest, I really, really love the effect so much! While letting my hair and body relaxed and soaked into rosy bloom, which is the main scent that Kérastase Discipline have, my hair stayed smooth for 3 days in a row! Even I'm not continue using any Kérastase Discipline products at all! I can feel my hair is extra smooth (even my man can't stop touching my hair). Thumbs up to Kérastase

BAIN FLUIDEALISTE, 250ml    |    MYR85
This shampoo is for all hair types, it gently cleanse while also supplying just the right amount of uniform, evenly distributed care without weighing down the hair. After washing with this shampoo hair is clean, soft, light and detangles easily.

BAIN FLUIDEALISTE (Sulfate-Free), 250ml   |   MYR85
This is a sulfate-free shampoo with its soft, creamy, pearlescent texture, this sulfate-free shampoo benefits from a formula specially developed for over processed hair. For the first time, a tactile hair bath that achieves the remarkable feat of creating rich, abundant lather while also respecting the integrity of hair fiber weakened by straightening or color treatments.

Women with sensitive hair can once again enjoy the pleasure of a rich yet truly gentle lather with very little product. A “high-precision” haircare ingredient, a morpho-sheathing polymer and a surface perfector provide a beautifully shiny, smooth, even finish from roots to ends.

This creamy fluid emulsion plays its part in the same musical score, entering the performance following the Bain Fluidealiste. This ultra-perfecting formula also plays a range of rich, fluid notes with exceptional savoir-faire. While the indispensable surface-morphing polymer envelops the surface of every fiber with a protective film, lipid softening agents work at the heart of the fiber to provide suppleness and nutrition. The transformation is immediate. Once rinsed and dried, the hair is stronger, liberated and beautifully, rhythmically in motion.

MASKERATINE, 200ml   |   MYR136
This is the depth care product, the product that takes the stage to replace Fondant Fluidealiste at short notice whenever the hair needs it. At the heart of this formula is the surface-morphing polymer combined with a starch base. The two join forces to not only provide a finishing sheath but also to texturize the fiber for remarkably enhanced allure.

With its very high concentration of nourishing lipid agents, this product offers in-depth damage repair. A stronger dose of the softening agent has also been added to bring unprecedented suppleness to the hair. Enveloped by this delectably creamy texture, the fiber allows itself to be transformed. Once rinsed, the hair is beautifully softened and replenished so that it puts up no resistance to styling.

The in-salon treatment products. Soin #1 and Soin #2

For more information about Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment and Home Care System, please visit http://www.kerastase.com.my

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