My Dettol pH-Balanced Experience

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Okay so this is gonna be a lengthy post and a bit theoretical…

Speaking of my daily routine… First, Imma super outgoing person where I hop everywhere and I’ll never stick my butt in the office chair. So it’s pretty easy to “get in touch” with germs, dirt and pollution. My body odor tends to get sticky and sweats everywhere and it doesn’t feel good at all – that’s the reason I keep looking for a perfect solution to solve my concern.

I believe you guys are well-known about pH balance. It’s important to maintain its neutral readings to stay germ-free and moisturized. Not too much acidity and not too much alkaline. I’m not so sure what criteria comes first when you choosing your own bathing shampoo, for me, CLEAN and SCENTLY is my kind of criteria. After all, only one brand suits me well…

Honestly, the environmental changes nowadays are making us pretty hard to maintain the freshness of my body and it tends to get “soury” few hours later. But of course, there are some external effects like being stressful during work, exposed under the sun for long hours that cause skin inflammation, bacterial infection, or even sitting in the air-condition room too! Okay, looks like what I’ve been through…

Hot + Cold + Sweaty + duhh……..

Understand our skin better – Acid Mantle
Also known as our natural skin barrier, it’s a very fine but slightly acidic invisible film on our skin which protects our skin from bacteria, viruses and contaminants. We should be aware and taking care of this tiny little “body guard” by cleanse with a slightly acidic cleanser and keep the Acid Mantle layer moisture and fresh. With its best protection, the Acid Mantle layer will protects our skin from external damages and pollutants.

Dettol now has a new pH balanced formula that not only protects our skin from germs and bacteria but also helps to retain skin moisture, preserving the natural barrier of your skin.

Here’s a small experiment so show that Dettol Body Wash has pH-balanced readings.

As you see, I’ve putting a small amount of Brand X body wash on my arm, followed by the new Dettol pH-Balanced Original and water.

I’m using the pH-Pencil where it’ll test out the pH-readings for the shower gels and water directly on our skin.

The result has shown that the pH-reading of Brand X body shampoo is dark green, which means it’s more alkaline; where the pH-readings for both Dettol Dettol pH-Balanced Shower Gel and water are almost the same.

After bathing…
You might find your skin is drying and “squeaky” clean after shower, it is because our acid mantle layers are fully rinsed off by alkaline contents. It is advisable to use pH-Balanced shower gel for a smoother skin texture. Well, I’ve been using Dettol for years, and I’ve no doubt to continue.

Take the Dettol pH-Challenge
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Check this video for the test as well! Sorry for the rushing vids....

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