Get together with Eversoft SKINZ UV-White Range

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Okay, this is a long, delayed post...
On the last day of my final exam, I rushed to attend the EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White Get Together event to introduce the EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White range in a more intimate and personal setting.

It was so nice to meet  my friend Mei Sze as she kicked off the event with some welcome remarks and proceeded with the demonstration on the right techniques of applying the 5-steps regime of the UV-White products.

We are all get our hands on the full set to experience themselves on the miracles of the UV-White range and everyone of us grab back a full range of Eversoft Skinz UV-White Skin Care. What can I say? A handful pack for skin care products! Try them now to achieve a radiant, glowing skin!

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