Bonia - Enchanted Journey with Style

Monday, November 17, 2014

BONIA travels through the journey of the mind. The journey of traveling around the world, with every adventure that you experience, BONIA will be by your side.

The philosophy of travel brings BONIA’s desire to explore the world using various ways of transportation. In this AW 2014/15 season, BONIA designs are mostly inspired by Travel and Style:

the conquest of flight (sky)
the speed and intimacy on the road (ground)
the tranquility of the sea (by water)
the practical usage of the railway train (by iron)

BONIA AW 2014/15 delivers a whole set of characteristic collection as you travel: independence, functional, practical, comfortable, and lightness. In conjunction with BONIA 40 years anniversary, BONIA designers also delicate a fruitful and colorful collection as part of the AW 2014/15 collection, where we always know that BONIA is always be with you during special anniversaries and occasions, be it as a gift for your loved ones, or as an intimacy gifts for ourselves.

Let’s hit up the “Transporter” collection, as we also celebrate 40 years anniversary with BONIA “Wonderful Colors” collection. The main highlights for this season - BONIA Picccolo collection (the mini bag) that will be good and practical enough to put a smart phone and other daily-need items, creative colourful men shoes, as well as the most talk-about topic: BONIA customisation services for the exclusive you.

Ever since BONIA accessories collection was launched last year, the overwhelming responses and
demands for small leather goods have been increasing. This had motivated BONIA to bring out even
more designs and versatile styles in its accessories collection in this season.

BONIA leather bracelets and keychains travel around the world, capture a memory of an enchanted
travel journey, with style. BONIA accessories sail on its luxury yacht, getting relaxed and enjoying
the beautiful sea; ride on its private jet, being comfortable while eyeing the eternal sky. You will get
to see BONIA accessories hop in its recreation car or catch a weekend ride on the train, visiting some
of the famous landmarks of the world, writing down every journey down the memory lane.

Wear BONIA leather bracelets with confidence as it comes with various versatile designs with
personal fashion taste. These colorful bracelets collection comes with golden hook or button

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