#BeatTheGush with Kotex®

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This topic is no longer a taboo for ladies to share the same concern with other girls because we do understand and we share the same issue. I admit it. It's not just about something like... preventing leakage, it's about dealing with the sudden gushes that happen which may ruin your day. Duh, I know it very, very well...

Kotex® is now coming out with its new-and improved formula, along with #BeatTheGush campaign, help address this need, telling women that they no longer need to suffer these sudden gushes anymore!

New Kotex® Soft & Smooth now comes with:
  • Rapid Absorb Core to help absorb the sudden gushes immediately and directly at the source for exceptional protection
  • Micro-Dri Cover with more than 3000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption
  • Infinity Lock System with side barriers and deep channels, providing all-around protection against leaks

It's all about girls talk session (with a few guys) and we are open for discussion. Diana Danielle and Qistina Shah also shared their personal experience about this issue too, to empower and remind our ladies that it's no longer a taboo to discuss about this topic and we don't have to be embarrassed to share with your intimate friends and family members.

The new-and improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth is now available nationwide. Head on over to Kotex® Malaysia Facebook Page and Kotex® Malaysia Official Website to find out more. Girls, let's #BeatTheGush

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