[Style Inspiration] Joe Chia

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joe Chia’s collection is one of my designers that I’ve been looking for. Remember that time I was cracking heads to look for all-black dresses but not too glam of course and a friend of mine introduced me to this collection… A Big wow!

Joe Chia’s clothing language is the celebration of the designer’s innate Malaysian heritage. The label has increased a distinctive attention for details and functional qualities, whilst maintaining a strong connection to urban roots. “The Silent Drama,” described Joe. 

Most of his designs look like uniforms for deep thinking people herders (leaders) who don’t need to use guns, whereas there’s an absolute sense of leadership and disciplinary. Mostly one-tone shades – black, white, grey and some blue sometimes, it’s ideal to create those silhouettes with bulky looks, droopy shoulders, some loosely tailored ensembles, dropped crotch trousers and plenty of fun with different lengths of tops, jackets, coats and pants. The clothes are made with very deliberate functionality – they can be word in different ways.  The pieces are serious, functional and fun.

Some shots that I took during STYLO2014

I’m supporting local designers. Well done Joe Chia and congratulations of winning the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia's Most Influential Designer, again!

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