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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween is just around the corner! I am always looking forward to it because that's the day when no one going to judge you even you dress up like a funny clown or with your ugly makeup. To dress up as Devil for every Halloween can be quite boring, after all, it is only once in a year. For this year, I am going to try a different look! I've been checking out ideas on simple Halloween costume and makeup ideas, it doesn't have to be something scary, because Halloween is not just about being a dracula or  a monster. 

See! You can be a lovely sweetheart on the Halloween night too! Now is the season when you can view tons of Halloween makeup ideas on Youtube and Blogs! Do I sound like a crazy person to check them out one by one by visiting different sites and channels? Well, SPOT Malaysia News put everything in one place for me! 

SPOT Malaysia News is like Flipboard for Malaysia. SPOT Malaysia News helps you to discover local and international content by putting 250 Malaysian newspapers and magazines in your pocket, making you smart and in-the-know. It has 36 unique categories in 3 different languages - Malay, Chinese and English! *This amazing app is FREE too!

With the bookmark button that's available on each post, I am able to save all the Halloween ideas and refer back to all of them later without any hassle! I am certainly can't wait for the Halloween night and rock my Halloween makeup for the night!

Android users, you're in luck. You can already download it here and get all these content for FREE -  

iOS users, you've got to wait a little more. They are expecting to launch the iOS version sometime in November 2014. But you can be first in line if you sign up here:

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