Shu Uemura introduces TSUYA Skin, the ideal youthful skin creator for beautiful make-up expression

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another beautiful skin care creation from shu uemura!

Believing that ideal youthful skin is defined by ideal “touch” and ideal “look” and that by obtaining both will guarantee the perfect canvas for beautiful make-up, Japan’s leading make-up artist brand shu uemura reveals its masterful touch with a ground-breaking new addition to its beloved TSUYA skin range.

A miracle molecule to reactivate* the skin's "youth power switch"
Inspired from "secret" of Enju flower's longevity & persistence, shu uemura research center selected Rhamnose, a high tech molecule able to reactivate the skin's youth power switch and awaken self-regeneration in all fundamental levels of the skin.

TSUYA Skin Youthful Crystal-Transparency Lotion
New TSUYA skin youthful crystal - transparency lotion follows the unprecedented success of the TSUYA skin series – the ideal skin creator - and draws on the unique synergies of make-up artistry and scientific innovation to help boost skin’s self-cleaning mechanism and draw out crystal clear skin from within.

Shu uemura believes that cosmetic water is one of the most important elements for the quality of each individual skin canvas, aiming to bring a fresh, water-filled touch to skin and a pure, transparent look to skin for a perfect makeup finish. TSUYA skin lotion aids in the creation of the ideal skin texture, supple with a petal-soft, dewy touch, and an ideal look, with boosted transparency and healthy glow.

The new TSUYA skin lotion comes in 3 textures to cover all skin types.

I - fresh watery type for oily skin
II - watery type for normal to dry skin
III - rich jelly type for dry, very dry skin

Silk supreme crystalizer, best matched essential.
shu uemura’s tools and accessories express the artisan spirit found throughout the whole of the brand’s product range. shu uemura believes that neither aesthetic beauty nor functionality can be compromised when crafting the finest beauty products. Born under this expertise, this innovative dual sided lotion pad introduces extraordinary smoothness while delivering moisture and suppleness to skin for the better foundation fit.

Instantly, moisture feels as if it is reaching every corner and leaves skin soft and smooth as a petal. Dullness and yellowness appear significantly reduced to reveal crystal-transparency from deep within.

TSUYA skin youth infusing eye concentrate
Not only targets the traditional signs of aging but also delivers the impression of bigger eyes and lifted lashes for stunning eyes and instant eye shadow payoff effects.

TSUYA skin UV under base mousse radiance - moist
TSUYA mousse enriches shu uemura’s TSUYA UV underbase mousse collection. Since its original launch in 2012, TSUYA skin UV under base mousse has been loved by women and celebrities around the world, and is known for its radiant make-up finish and powerful skincare efficacy, en-wrapped in an air-light mousse texture.

TSUYA Skin Youthful Radiance Generator
A youth generator by unlocking the innermost workings of the skin, reaching new heights in achieving a more beautiful and youthful you.

Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin Care also comes with other awesome lineups, all available in shu uemura counters now.

+ TSUYA Skin Youthful Crystal-Transparency Lotion I, II, III  150ml   -   MYR 160
+ Silk Supreme Crystallizer 45pcs   -   MYR 30
+ TSUYA Skin Youthful Radiance Generator 30ml   -   MYR 245   /   75ml   -   MYR 428
+ TSUYA Skin UV Underbase Mousse 65g  -  MYR 135
+ TSUYA Skin Eye Concentrate 15ml   -   MYR 160

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  1. Wow! Looks pretty nice, clean white packaging! I have not used any of Shu Uemura's skincare products before, because I always tend to have the impression that their makeup is more prominent:))

    Sounds lovely, have you tried any of the products? Wonder how do they fare? *_^

    Nice informative post, Ashley!

    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

  2. Dear Jeann,

    Perhaps I'm quite impressed on how their lotion and their silk supreme crystalizer works on my skin. for lotion no.1 tone my skin well without over-drying. and their cotton is superb but its a lil pricey for me..